Feb 26 2019 - 16:10

International justice concludes: Pierre el-Daher is right

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Lebanon News
The companies of Saudi Prince al-Waleed Bin Talal lost against Pierre Daher in a personal lawsuit that was filed by the prince’s companies before the ICC International Court of Arbitration in Paris concerning services provided by El Daher in respect  to Rotana TV, LMH, LBC+ and LBCSAT. 


Al-Waleed’s companies failed in tarnishing the truth and the international arbitration overturned the accusations and fictional claims fabricated by the companies against Pierre el-Daher, and even decided that al-Waleed’s companies have to repay amounts of money to Pierre El Daher.

Three international arbitrators rebutted how Rotana Group, owned by al-Waleed, planned to own other companies without settling the full capital amount, revealing a series of evidence of manipulations and wrongdoings by al-Waleed’s  companies. The arbitration award  also confirm that Rotana companies are chiefly responsible for the bankruptcy of PAC.

The decision was issued, relieving Pierre el-Daher of any responsibility, and holding al-Waleed’s companies fully accountable.

The wrongdoings committed by al-Waleed’s companies have been so far proven by five international decisions, one in Britain, one in the Caymans and three by the ICC. Despite these awards and decisions, the Saudi prince’s companies continue to file lawsuits against Pierre Daher and LBCI.



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