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Duration 00:15
Aired Nov 24 2022
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The start of the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar was notable for a number of factors. It was also notable for things that we will see for the last time before the World Cup enters a new era.
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Season 1 LBCI
Features of the FIFA World Cup 2022. The end of an era and the beginning of another LBCI
Season 1
Hate speech is more important than you may think
Are consumer protection methods conforming to specifications?
Have you fallen victim to deepfake?
Are you inside a building during an earthquake? Are you considering making your building stronger? Here are some details and answers for you.
How are rescue operations done during earthquakes?
The spread of fake news about earthquakes caused fear in people's hearts.
Myths on how to lose weight
What new technologies and means of communication will 2023 bring?
Amid Medicine Crisis...Where is the National Drug Authority?
Will issuing a one million Lebanese pounds banknote benefit Lebanon?
Top topics for fake news in 2022
Lebanon is experiencing an influenza outbreak; here is an explanation for its causes and ways of treatment.
What’s the history behind the celebration and symbols of Christmas?
Alternatives to the customs dollar to increase state revenues
Raising the customs dollar also raises prices.... The exempted goods aren't exempt?
What are the meaning behind these historic political terms?
Features of the FIFA World Cup 2022. The end of an era and the beginning of another
Can Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport rely on alternative energy to secure electricity?
Unregistered individuals … passed from one generation to another
How do we protect our children from cholera?
All you need to know about cholera
How is the Constitution implemented during legislative sessions?
Hot summer with fake news
Is raising electricity fees a solution?
The torture and killing of animals are still ongoing
Donate blood, save a life
Trust crisis in Lebanese public schools
When should a cancer patient get the covid-19 vaccine?
Lack of road safety: who is to blame?
Wind energy…Will we benefit from it?
How and where did bread disappear?
On Beirut Port blast…Daughter of Ghassan Hasrouti: What happened was a decision
Will the privatization save Lebanon?
What not to believe about the murder of Naira Ashraf...
Electronic waste is a lost treasure
Fires start erupting across Lebanon… So, here are some details of what is happening
Subsidized drugs are missing
Food in Lebanon is “unsafe”
Gold reserves... Can they save Lebanon?
Flagrant violations on election day...
About 15% of the Lebanese income goes to telecommunications... Costs and waste in numbers
A cry before the parliamentary elections
What violations may we see on election day?
How to vote on election day
Blank Votes and Abstention
What does Easter symbols mean?
Electoral Bribery in Lebanon... Creativity at its best!
Clarification of the Proportional Representation System
Candidates running for the upcoming elections despite the allegations against them... More details in this episode
Water shortage crisis and Dams in Lebanon: know the facts and corruption scandals
What’s the story of Dima?
Reducing Energy Consumption is Crucial for Every Citizen's Bill in Lebanon
The increase in school fees… What’s the solution?
E-Government…The end of corruption and Cartels?
Individual Initiatives to help the Arts Sector
Is the end of the Covid pandemic near?
Decentralization, federalism and regime change... The controversy is resolved!
Reasons behind currency Manipulation: Are there any solutions?
2021 was the year of fake news… But why were they created?
AIDS can change your life in seconds… What do you already know and what you still don’t know?
What’s the history behind the celebration and symbols of Christmas?
Car Insurance policies…In LBP or USD?
Covid-19 safety measures during the Holiday season
Health Insurance... Lebanese people caught between bitter choices!
Hospitalization bill in Lebanon: A true shock!
Lebanon has a wealth of hidden treasures...
Here’s a map to the public transportation lanes in Lebanon and their prices… what does a plan to organize this sector need?
Damaged grain silos at the port… what decision was made one year after Beirut blast?
Everything you need to know about solar panels
Title: After self diagnosing her breast cancer at the age of 28... a message from a young survivor
Scammers posting fake job applications to steal money...How can you detect them?
School Books prices increase far beyond the minimum wage
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