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Duration: 44 min
Episode 30
A new romantic thriller series about the work of investigative police in solving the cases of kidnap and murders. Amidst all this, a new love story is born between officer Wael and Marwa.
Duration: 45 min
Episode 30 - Final
The path of the young woman, Amira, a law school graduate, intersects with a rich man, a cross-road leading her to fulfill her dreams… or destroying it.
Duration: 60 min
Episode 95
Bassem Moughnieh and Carole El Hajj will return to the screen in a new Lebanese drama series “Kol El Hob Kol El Gharam.” The story’s events take place between the years 1914 and 1943, within a romantic, social and national setting related to the main events that marked Lebanon’s history during this era.
Duration: 60 min
Final episode 59
This series talks about the poor girl Nour who fell in love with a rich guy named Khalil. After their marriage,
Nour realized that she had married the 'wrong person'.
Duration: 120 min
Rola Chamieh
Rodolph Hilal hosts on his new show celebrities and politicians to cover controversial and timely topics.
Duration: 60 min
Flying Carpet
Various musical concerts shown on LBCI
Duration: 60 min
Episode 30
Rima is a beautiful lawyer, a widow and a mother of five, whose life is perfect. One day, Ziad, a single biology professor, moves to Beirut and lives in the Rima’s building. With time, Ziad falls in love with Rima, but her children’s rejection of him will worry her... Will love win
Duration: 30 min
Episode 48
Yoga sessions with the life coach Jihane Nasrallah.
Duration: 75 min
The weekly Sunday Mass, broadcasting from different churches across Lebanon.
Duration: 15 min
A full recap of the days political, security and social events produced by LBCI news hub.
Duration: 30 min
Tarik Al Jouljoula
Religious Theaters and spiritual plays
Duration: 90 min
Public sector salaries and wages
A daily morning talk show magazine that highlights political and security developments through hosting politicians, analysts and civil society activists.
Duration: 150 min
Episode 300
A new morning talk show aired everyday. It offers a thoughtful and insightful source of news and information to our daily audience and it highlights the achievements of Lebanese people around the world.
Duration: 30 min
Drift Brothers - Season 1 - Episode 1
Working with only the most talented people in front of and behind the camera, we bring together gripping storytelling with the latest in technology to create outstanding media products. The Red Bull Media House content portfolio covers more than 1250 sports events, documentaries and factual entertainment as well as series and feature films - tailored to our partner’s licensing needs.
Duration: 30 min
News Bulletin 03/03/2024
A quick review of local and international events produced by LBCI hub at 2:30 PM.
Duration: 120 min
Issam Rajji
Carla Haddad hosts in her new weekly show "The Stage" a series of celebrities and honorable artists.
Duration: 60 min
A satirical Korean drama that revolves around the story of the hero, Joe.
After being expelled from judo for protesting against corruption in the sport, Jo Jin-gab begins working in a school as a sports teacher, but his strong adherence to justice puts him in a difficult situation again and loses him his job, so he decides to live as a government employee and take the exam.
Everything is going well until he is appointed as a labor inspector at the Ministry of Employment and Labor where he finds himself slipping back into normalcy when he finds unfair treatment by those in power.
Duration: 60 min
Episode 30 - Final
The path of the young woman, Amira, a law school graduate, intersects with a rich man, a cross-road leading her to fulfill her dreams… or destroying it.
Duration: 45 min
The story of contemporary Beirut
A new show prepared and presented by Charles El Hayek, with the participation of Yazbek Wehbe. It combines narration, dialogue and visual content. “Lebnan bi Ossa” tells stories about famous Lebanese personalities and historical stages, as well as archaeological sites, traditions, culinary heritage, and religious and social holidays.
Duration: 45 min
News Bulletin 02/03/2024
A full recap of the political, security and social events in Lebanon and the world produced by LBCI news hub in an evening news bulletin at 8 o'clock
Duration: 60 min
Zahrat Al Thalouth is a Turkish romantic drama series that revolves around a strong love story between two people born in the midst of war and great revenge. This revenge will ignite the flame of love between Akın Akınöz and Ebru Şahin.The Show is only available for people in Lebanon.The episodes of this series are available for 7 days only.
Duration: 30 min
Charles Hayek
"Tar El Waet" is a satirical comedy program presented by comedian John Ashkar
Duration: 90 min
Georges Khabbaz
A talk show presented by journalist Raghida Chalhoub, hosting stars from various fields to tell their stories between the past, present and future. Stories told for the first time, with the participation of 3 advisors who come as a surprise to the guest. It is a unique journey of discovery, with many surprises.
Duration: 29 min
News Bulletin 02/03/2024
A full recap of the political, security and social news in Lebanon and the world produced in an evening news bulletin at 11:30 PM
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