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Duration 01:19:19
Aired Feb 06 2023
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Bassam Abou Zeid hosted in this episode NSSF's Financial Director Chawki Abou Nassif, Secretary-General of the Lebanese Red Cross Georges Kettaneh, Head of the Syndicate of Private Hospital Owners Sleiman Haroun and Doctors Syndicate Dr. Youssef Bakhache.
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Seasons And Episodes
2023 LBCI
Health Sector in Lebanon LBCI
Charbel Massad & Michel Moussa & Charbel Maroun
Mark Daou
Ibrahim Mneimneh
Kassem Hachem and Fadi Karam
Paula Yaacoubian and Yassin Yassin
Hani Bohsali and Nabil Fahed
Abdul Rahman Bizri and Nassib Ghobril
Mounir Rabih
Said Malek and Henri Khoury
Ali Hamdan
Latest Political Updates
Hector Hajjar
Nicolas Nahas
Bilal Houcheimy and Youssef Diab
Tourism sector in Lebanon
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Ibrahim Rihan
Special Episode about Arab League Summit
Bechara Charbel and Amin Nasser
Amine Kamouria
Najat Saliba
Mohammad Khawaja
Hadi Hobeich
Marwan Hamadeh and Louay Al-Hajj Chehade
Nicolas Nassif and Michel Moussa
Sami Nader
Georges Kettaneh and Antoine Zoghby
Salah Salam and Imad Rizk
Akram Al Halabi
Mounir Rabih
Nawfal Daou, Randa Takieddine and Ziad Baroud
Akram Azouri
Nazih Matta, George Atallah and Elias Hankach
Fadi Karam and Wael Abou Faour
Faysal El Sayegh
A special episode about Pierre Sadek
Elias Hankach
Abbas Daher and Wajdi Al Aridi
Zafer Naser
Elias Estephan
Adib Abdel Massih
Nabil Bou Monsef and Richard Pharaon
Walid Nassar, Jean Beiruti and Marwan Haber
Georges Soulage and Bilal Abdallah
Farid Boustany
Nizar Saghieh and Ayman Mhanna
Said Malek
Paula Yacoubian, Alain Aoun and Tannous Mechleb
Ghassan Hajjar
Mazen Abboud and Archimandrite Antonios Bitar
Rabih El Haber and Ziad Baroud
Michel Douaihy and Mounir Al-Rabih
Hussein Ayoub and Amin Amourieh
Father Georges Hobeika and Father Elie Kaaoui
Kassem Hachem and Sohayb Jawhar
Salim El Sayegh
Ghassan Skaff
Walid Nassar
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Bachir Khodr and Rabih El haber
Salah Osseiran
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Alain Bejjani
Sadek Sabbah
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Abdel Rahman Bizri
Salim Sayegh
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Ghada Ayoub
Raed Khoury
Health Sector in lebanon
Mounir Rabih
Hussein Al-Hajj Hassan
Fares Souaid
Fouad Abou Nader
Ibrahim Mneimneh, Walid al- Baarini and Sari Abdallah
Bilal Abdallah
Sajih Attieh
Waddah Sadek
Kassem Hachem
Jamil Al Sayyed
Tony Abi Najm and Abbas Daher
Ali Hamade
Nicolas Nassif and Hani Bohsali
Elie Chamoun
Mohammad Khawaja, Nabil Fahed and Kassem Chaalan
Sayed Bou Francis and Hussein Saad
Akram Halabi and Ashraf Samara
Akram Azoury
Salah Osseiran
Youssef Diab and Nicolas Nahhas
Earthquakes and tsunami in Lebanon... What are the preventive measures?
Hadi Aboul Hosn
Nicolas Chammas
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