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Nharkom Said
Israel's escalation in South Lebanon
Duration 55:30
Aired Mar 28 2024
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Nicole Hajal discussed in this episode of "Nharkom Said" the confrontations between Hezbollah and Israel and the possibility of a war breaking out in Lebanon with her guests, the writer and expert of Islamic movements Ahmad Al Ayoubi and journalist Amal Shehadeh.
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Israel's escalation in South Lebanon
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2024 LBCI
Israel's escalation in South Lebanon LBCI
The latest developments in Iranian-Israeli relations and Lebanese-American relations
Developments on The Iranian-Israeli Front and The Presidential File
The political and security situation and debates between the Lebanese Forces and the Free Patriotic Movement
The consequences of the Iranian response on the regional countries
Latest Updates On The Presidential And Security Files
The Iranian strike on Israel and its repercussions
The Iranian response to the Israeli strike on the Iranian consulate in Damascus
49th anniversary of Lebanon's civil war
Internal conditions and the plan for the return of the Syrian Refugees
The Deteriorating Security Situation In Lebanon
Syrian Refugees in Lebanon and the murder of Pascal Sleiman
Pascal Sleiman's death
The Kidnapping of Pascal Sleiman
The Situation Of The Health Sector In Lebanon And Its Readiness
The situation between Iran and Israel and the expected steps of Hezbollah
The Events of Gaza And South Lebanon Wars
Consequences of Al-Aqsa flood
Lebanon's electricity crisis
Israel and Iran confrontations and attacks on the South
The role of the church in supporting Christians regionally and internationally
Israel's escalation in South Lebanon
Developments in the South and the presidential debate
Lebanon and Australia Second Game in the World Cup 2026 Qualifiers
Electricity of Lebanon
Internal political developments and the security situation
Municipal elections file
Lebanon Vs. Australia in the 2026 World Cup Qualifiers
Doha Negotiations on the Truce in Gaza
What's the fate of Bkerki's Document?
Difficult living conditions and political developments
Political developments, the return of LBCI broadcasting in Australia and Yasmina Zaytoun’s return trip to Lebanon
Newest Updates Regarding Security
The latest developments in Lebanon and the Gaza war
Remembering March 14 2005
The position of the Free Patriotic Movement on the Lebanese situation and the presidential vacuum
Israel escalation on Lebanon
The war in Southern Lebanon and the presidential vacuum
The presidential vacuum and the latest developments after the National Bloc initiative
Lebanon's 2024 budget and Political Files
US pressures Israel
The latest political developments in the Lebanese arena
Internal conditions and the draft bank restructuring law
Local and Regional Political Updates
Ranks and salaries issue
Public sector salaries and wages
The international, regional and internal situations and the Gaza war
The Gaza war, the situation in the south, and the presidential file
The war in Gaza and the Lebanese political situation and on the borders
Gaza Truce and Latest Political Developments
The war in Gaza and the international quest for a truce
Latest Developments in the Presidential File and “Paris 2” Meeting
Asian Cup qualifiers
Gaza Ceasefire Talks
The possibility of a truce in Gaza before Ramadan and the latest developments in southern Lebanon
Clashes in the south and developments in the presidential file
General political situation in Lebanon after Al-Aqsa flood
The latest developments in southern Lebanon and the presidential vacuum
Developments at the internal, regional and external levels
The possibility of Saad Hariri's return to politics and the fate of southern Lebanon
The fate of depositors’ money and the repercussions of the Gaza war on southern Lebanon
The latest developments in the southern situation and the presidential file
Rafic Hariri Memorial Day and the return of Saad Hariri to Lebanon
Possible developments in light of Saad Hariri comeback
Internal, regional and international developments and their effects on Lebanon
Analytical reading of the 1701 law and Lebanese presidency crisis
Thoughts of Future Movement on Political Updates
The Lebanese situation in Lebanon and on the southern front
Public institutions in light of economic hardship and their fate
The reflection of the regional situation on Lebanon and the role of the changemakers MPs in the political scene
The Gaza war, the battles in the south and the presidential file
Latest developments on the southern Lebanese border and the possibility of a ceasefire
The current Lebanese and Gazan reality and the expected scene on February 14
Lebanese deposits and budget repercussions
Latest Economic Developments and Possible Truce in Gaza
Latest developments in South Lebanon and Gaza
5-Nation Group Ambassadors to Activate Presidential File
Paris Meeting
Latest developments regarding the southern scene in Lebanon
The decision of the International Court of Justice and its repercussions
Analytical reading of previous political events in Lebanon
Analytical reading of the public budget and the latest economic and political developments
Latest developments of the public budget
The latest developments in Lebanon and the Gaza war
The latest political developments and the file of the Presidency of the Republic
Military Developments in the South and Economic Updates
The fate of deposits in banks and the value of the Lebanese Lira
The situation of educational institutions and the strike
Vacancy in Chief of Staff Role impact on Lebanese situation
Hezbollah and Amal Movement in Lebanon's Politics
Latest Developments in Southern Lebanon
Zafer Nasser
Salah Salam and Nasser Yassin
Ziad Nassereddine and Mohammad Hourani and Mokhtar Haddad
Salem Zahran
Marwan Hamadeh and Ziad Baroud
Mounir Chehade
Hares Sleiman and Ibrahim Bayram
Jamal Wakim and Suzanne Haidamous
Ghassan Ayyach
Nabil Bou Monsef
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