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Duration 01:11:44
Aired Jun 13 2024
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Maroun Nassif discussed in this episode of "Nharkom Said" Lebanon’s fate regarding the war with Israel, or whether it will be limited only in the South, in addition to the chances of presidential initiatives to elect a new president and the Syrian displacement file with his guests MPs Bilal Abdallah and Paula Yaacoubian and Fady Karam.
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Seasons And Episodes
2024 LBCI
Lebanon's fate regarding the war with Israel and the presidential vacuum LBCI
Importance of Women in society
The latest local and regional developments
Tourism Despite The Challenges
The role of women in public and private affairs and their achievements
Social Security problems
Latest developments in internal and global files
Economic and financial field
Lebanese Economic Crisis
War in South Lebanon
Latest developments in internal and global files
Updates on Presidential Vaccum and Gaza War
Inspiring success stories of successful women
Escalation on Lebanon's Southern border
Women in Research and Academia
Women's Achievements In Society & Their Role In Public Affairs
Human Rights In Lebanon & The Kidnapping Of Journalist Michel Abou Jaoude
The situation in the south and the internal political situation
The Role Of Women In Political Parties
Local and global developments
Lebanese woman role
Latest internal and global developments
The Tourism Sector in Lebanon
The Effects Of The Ongoing War On Various Sectors In Lebanon
The Reflection of the Gaza Scene on Lebanon
The latest internal and global developments
The latest developments in the Middle East
Israeli Threats To Lebanon And Bkerke Meeting
Latest developments in Lebanon and the Arab region
The Number of Arrivals to Beirut Airport & The Tourist Season
The Latest Developments In Lebanon & The Presidential File
The threat of all-out war on Lebanon and internal challenges
Latest Political Developments & The Speech Of The Secretary-General of Hezbollah
Analytical reading of the war on the south and the presidential vacuum and the Syrian displacement
Visit Of The American Envoy And The Presidential File
Presidential initiatives and the situation of bank loans
The Fate of Energy and Water and Bisri Dam
The tourism sector between challenges and achievements
Between the Southern and Internal Realities in Politics
The Southern Situation & Presidential Vacuum
Lebanon's fate regarding the war with Israel and the presidential vacuum
The Financial Crisis and The War in The South
Israeli attacks on Lebanon and the latest developments in the presidential file
The Presidential Election and The War In The South
The internal political situation and the Progressive Socialist Party initiative
The Presidential File And The Refugees Crisis
An analytical reading of the situation in the south and the latest developments in the presidential file
Shootout at the US Embassy & The Presidential File
The recent armed attack on the US embassy and the war in the South
Samir Daher
The Political and Security Situations in Lebanon
The Presidential File and The Refugees Crisis
An analytical reading of the latest developments in several internal files
Latest Updates in The Presidential File
Visit of the French Presidential Envoy to Lebanon
The Presidential File and the Gaza War & Refugees Crisis
Children sexual harassment and ways of prevention
Latest developments in the Syrian displacement, the presidential vacuum and the war in South Lebanon
Updates on The Presidential and The Monetary Files
The situation on the southern front
Tripoli Arab Capital Of Culture 2024
The Funeral of The Iranian President and The Presidential File
The situation in Iran
The Quintet Committee Presidential Initiative & The Displacement Crisis
A comprehensive reading about the Post-Taif files and its impact on today's situations
Latest Updates on Refugees in Lebanon
Douma the best tourist village in the world
Municipalities & the Syrian Refugees Crisis
Parliamentary Session Related to the Syrian Displacement File
Government and municipalities procedures regarding the displacement file
Bkerke Meeting and The Syrian Displacement File
Food And Health Security & Syrian Displacement Files
Displaced Syrians and the European Union’s aid to Lebanon
Internal Crises and Gaza War Negotiations
Children abuse through social media platforms and the Lebanese Red Cross donation campaign
Syrian displacement and economic situation
The Presidential Crisis And The Developments in The Gaza War
Salem Zahran in Nharkom Said from the secrets of the negotiations around the south to the Syrian displacement file and the latest developments
The French Effort in The Presidential File and The Maarab Meeting
The Syrian Displacement File In Lebanon
Conditions of Workers in Lebanon and Regional Developments
An analytical reading of the pending files in Lebanon
Developments in Gaza War & Local/Regional Updates
Educational file and Extension to Municipal and Elective Councils
A Tour On The Lebanese Internal Situation
Extension session for the optional and municipal councils
Analytical reading of the latest local and regional developments
Economic Damages and Losses in Southern Lebanon
Developments in the financial and monetary files
A comprehensive reading of Hezbollah’s internal and external position
The latest developments in Iranian-Israeli relations and Lebanese-American relations
Developments on The Iranian-Israeli Front and The Presidential File
The political and security situation and debates between the Lebanese Forces and the Free Patriotic Movement
The consequences of the Iranian response on the regional countries
Latest Updates On The Presidential And Security Files
The Iranian strike on Israel and its repercussions
The Iranian response to the Israeli strike on the Iranian consulate in Damascus
49th anniversary of Lebanon's civil war
Internal conditions and the plan for the return of the Syrian Refugees
The Deteriorating Security Situation In Lebanon
Syrian Refugees in Lebanon and the murder of Pascal Sleiman
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