Mar 10 2012 - 14:20

LBCI’s Cheyef Halak makes it to Cannes

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LBCI’s Cheyef Halak makes it to Cannes
Lebanon News
Cheyef Halak is a social awareness campaign launched by LBCI in collaboration with Impact BBDO.   

In addition to the success it achieved at the domestic level, the Cheyef Halak campaign extended beyond Lebanon to embrace the Middle East and neighboring regions, garnering 18 awards at the Arab Media Festivals.   

Accordingly, Cheyef Halak has set a record for most awards won by an Arab or regional media campaign.    

In details, the campaign garnered 10 awards at MENA Cristal, 6 awards at Gold Lynx, 1 gold Effie award and another Lynx silver award.

It is worth mentioning that Cheyef Halak has been nominated for the Cannes International Festival’s awards.   

In this context, LBCI Chairman Sheikh Pierre Daher confirmed that “the campaign aims at enabling citizens to make decisions”, adding that “what matters the most is that the campaign be fruitful for the citizens since it is made by them and addressed to them.”

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