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Dec 28 2017 - 06:58

Lebanese Red Cross: We are fully ready to provide help on NYE

publishing date: 28/12/2017 06:58:52
The Lebanese Red Cross issued a statement on Thursday news ,lbci ,أخبار NYE,Red Cross,The Lebanese Red Cross issued a statement on Thursday
Lebanese Red Cross: We are fully ready to provide help on NYE

The Lebanese Red Cross issued a statement on Thursday concerning the preparations that are being made for New Year’s Eve.


The statement noted that ambulances and emergency teams are ready and alert in all the centers across the Lebanese territories. There will be 46 centers alongside 4 calling centers supported by 140 ambulance vehicles and 700 paramedics.


As for the mountain regions, the Red Cross prepared several 4X4 vehicles in case of any storm. These vehicles will be fully ready to reach out to citizens that call for their help on the free emergency hotline 140.


“All technicians in the Spears (Beirut) and Tripoli (North) blood banks will be ready 24/24 in case blood units are needed. All blood groups will be available and we will be accepting blood donors,” the statement added.


For more information concerning the availability of blood units, please contact the Spears center on the following number: 01-372802 or the Tripoli center on: 06-601429.


The Red Cross also asked citizens to comply with the general safety guidelines.


“We wish you all happiness, peace, and goodness,” ended the statement.


On another note, the Red Cross distributed flyers with prevention guidelines that help citizens avoid heart attacks and car accidents during NYE and to call 140.


First: High risk of having a heart attack


It is recommended to:

-Avoid physical effort and stress
-Drink water and take breaks during the night
-Do not drink excessively

​-Maintain a warm body temperature by wearing thick clothes


If you feel any pain in the chest, or if you feel discomforted follow these steps:


-Sit and relax

-Call an ambulance

-Consult a doctor, if possible, while waiting for the ambulance

-Take your medications if you are prescribed any


Second: High risk of car accidents during this period: Steps that one should follow in order to prevent and mitigate dangers:


-The driver should not drink any alcohol

-Do not speed recklessly while driving

-Respect the traffic law

-Respect the security forces’ instructions at all times

-Do not use your phone while driving

-Fasten your seat-belt and the other passengers’ at all times

-Ensure the car’s readiness and mechanical status

-Keep a fire extinguisher in the car

-Keep a first aid kit in the car

-Do  not drive if you are tired or sleepy

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