Apr 23 2013 - 14:15

REPORT: Sea Lion spotted on the shores of Tyre

REPORT: Sea Lion spotted on the shores of Tyre Lebanon, news ,lbci ,أخبار shores,spotted,Lion,REPORT,
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Lebanon News

Corniche goers on Lebanon's southern beaches were surprised to spot for the first time in Tyre a marine animal uncommon to the country's sea life.

A sea lion which had swum to uncommon territory caused quite a commotion as several people gathered at the beach to watch it as it pulled off several acrobatic tricks in the water. The seal even climbed the rock wall to "high five" passersby next to a nearby snack-restaurant causing a hefty gathering by the seaside.

According to the southern city's fishermen, the sea lion may have lost its way due to the cool wave striking the region. They added that this is the first time that such a creature had been spotted in the area more known for its warm and moderate climate.

As for the municipality of Tyre, it forbade citizens from approaching the animal for fear over its well-being, allowing people nonetheless to take a look at the curious creature from afar.

To watch the full LBCI report, please click on the video above
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