Aug 15 2012 - 14:50

Beirut Int'l Rd blocked amid conflicting reports on the death of 11 Lebanese in Aazaz

Beirut Int'l Rd blocked amid conflicting reports on the death of 11 Lebanese in Aazaz Lebanon, news ,lbci ,أخبار Beirut,
Beirut Int'l Rd blocked amid conflicting reports on the death of 11 Lebanese in Aazaz
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A number of Lebanese citizens blocked the Beirut International Airport Wednesday night as LAF members deployed in efforts to contain the situation. Consequently an Air France aircraft changed its course from its landing destination (Beirut) to Jordan as a result of the protests.

These protests came in light of conflicting reports on the death of the 11 Lebanese abductees held in Syria. The death were said to be caused by a Syrian Air Forces attack on Aazaz, Aleppo. The attacks, according to the sources were conducted via MiG 20 aircrafts. Head of the media office pertaining to kidnapping mastermind Abu Ibrahim, Mohammad Nour, confirmed that three other families were also killed in the area, with dozens wounded.

On "Abu Ibrahim", it was also confirmed that he was killed alongside the detainees in Aleppo. 

Pictures soon emerged of the wounded being taken into Turkish hospitals.

A local doctor in Azaz said 30 people were killed and dozens wounded when a government fighter jet bombarded the town where Syrian rebels were holding 11 Lebanese hostages.
"The building they (the hostages) were in was hit ... We were able to remove seven from the wreckage. They are wounded, and some of the injuries are serious,"  rebel commander Ahmed Ghazali said.

The Rebel Media Office in Aazaz later said that  7 of the 11 Lebanese detainees are fine, 4 remain missing.
Mona Termos, the wife of detainee Ali Termos stated her support for the Mokdad family. She placed the responsibility on former PM Saad Hariri, MP Okab Sakr, and MP Khaled Daher alongside the March 14 Camp, and Turkey for the fate of the 11 Lebanese abductees in Syria amid reports of their deaths.      

For his part, the Ambassador of the World Organization for Human Rights in Lebanon earlier announced that the ICRC was trying to reach the injured Lebanese abductees in Turkey, holding both the Lebanese and Turkish governments responsible for what is happening.

Families of the Lebanese abductees then called for the immediate expulsion of the Qatari, Turkish and Saudi Ambassadors from Lebanon.    

Conflicting reports soon emerged on the well being of the hostages. While some reports stated that Lebanese Foreign Minister  Adnan Mansour was assured of the well being of the abductees health by his Turkish counterpart, Mansour denied those claims live through LBCI.

The eleven  Lebanese pilgrims were kidnapped on their way back from Iran by insurgents hoping to use them for a prisoner swap on the 20th of May.
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