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[VIDEO] Lebanon’s Armenians Print Magazine Using Their Own Blood

[VIDEO] Lebanon’s Armenians Print Magazine Using Their Own Blood Lebanon, news ,lbci ,أخبار Magazine,Print,Armenians,Lebanon’s,VIDEO,
[VIDEO] Lebanon’s Armenians Print Magazine Using Their Own Blood
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As part of the concerted efforts to raise awareness and pay tribute to the Armenian genocide, Audio Kutlur –an art, music and culture magazine- printed its twelfth edition using blood donated by some of Lebanon’s most notable Armenians.

Jewellery designer  Sevag Dilsizian,  photographer Jack Dabaghian, conductor of the Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra Maestro Harout Fazlian, singer/songwriter  Eileen Khatchadourian and designer Angelique Sabounjian all contributed to the project and gave their account of the ensuing repercussions of the genocide and how it had changed their lives. 

The Armenians are definitely an exemplary people. A hundred years later, they still demand that Turkey recognize the genocide it committed. That’s perseverance; a characteristic that has truly defined the Armenians and the diaspora in Lebanon and elsewhere.   

For my part, I commend Lebanon’s Armenians. They managed to overcome the challenges that lay in the way and did so triumphantly. They constitute an integral part of the population and are a driving force for the country’s economy. 

If there’s an upside to the 1915 genocide, it would be Lebanon and the world gaining Armenians. 

Your loss Turkey.

Still here, still bleeding. 

Upcoming events:
Beirut's Mar Mikhael, specifically Armenia street will be car free and open to the celebration of the Armenian people. There will be live music, dance, food and drinks. So come along and donate blood while you're at it. Details here.
And don't forget to bring out your inner Armenian! 
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