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REPORT: A quick overview on Lebanon's assassination series

REPORT: A quick overview on Lebanon's assassination series Lebanon, news ,lbci ,أخبار Lebanon,overview,quick,REPORT,
REPORT: A quick overview on Lebanon's assassination series
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Before the tragedy of Ashrafieh, many tragedies took place since the year 2004, starting with the assassination attempt of MP Marwan Hamadeh.  
Back then, we thought it was an attempt that failed, but our thoughts were falsified on the 14th of Fabruary 2005 when Former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri was assassinated.                  

Since that time, the Lebanese country entered a new stage, a stage of “no-war; no-peace”.             

The series of bombings that targeted political figures kicked off in 2005.                    

The late journalist Samir Kassir was targeted, and three weeks after came the assassination of Former Secretary General of the Communist Party George Hawi in the Musaytbeh area.              

Six months afterwards, MP Gebran Toueni was assassinated a day after his return from Paris.              

Military men were later targeted. Army Major General Francois El Hajj was the first victim when he died in a car bomb blast in 2007, Information Branch Major Wissam Eid's assassination followed in 2008.                 

Later in 2008, Democratic Party leader Saleh Al Aridi was also killed.               

The list also includes Minister and MP Pierre Gemayel who was shot in broad daylight.               

Today, Major General Wissam Hassan was killed in a car bomb blast which exploded in an Ashrafieh residential street.          

The media may highlight the horrible death of the top officials but forget to mention the innocent people who die in vain.               

It looks like the Lebanese people are running in a deathly circle while the murders keep playing their bloody game.

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