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Lebanese online platform Moodfit brings ease, low cost to interior design

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Lebanese online platform Moodfit brings ease, low cost to interior design
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An online platform in Lebanon is helping customers find the perfect interior design for their personal space, with just a few clicks of the mouse.
'MoodFit' offers users a one-stop design and shopping experience, where they get a customized design for their chosen living space along with a furniture plan and shopping list according to the budget.
Set up by three young Lebanese entrepreneurs, the platform has more than 20 professional designers on hand to help create the client's dream space.
Ghassan Abi Fadel, Tarek Jaroudi and Mohamed Sabouneh started working on the idea of MoodFit back when they were MBA students at the American University of Beirut (AUB). They won several competitions, received a few funds and later launched their project in September 2015, aiming to become a major online destination for interior design.
"MoodFit is an online platform where people can decorate their rooms for $300. The process starts with users logging in followed by a quiz design test so designers can know their taste; after the test, users answer several questions on the platform. The system itself then sends them to three different interior designers whose tastes are the closest to that of the client's taste - and from here the client chooses his preferred interior design, based on their portfolio which is also present on the platform, and starts working with them," explained co-founder Jaroudi.
The $300 fee allows the client to choose from three suggested interior designers who'll help create the space. Once a design is agreed on, the client is then given a list of items needed to complete the look as well as where to buy them at a good price.
With MoodFit's help,  clients often save much more than the $300 fee they pay for at sign-up, its founders say.
"MoodFit has till today completed about 25 projects and the feedback has been positive. People are loving the idea and loving the ease with which projects at their houses are completed. We are now receiving almost daily at least one registration of a new project, and what is nice about it is that we are able to work from Lebanon on designs for anywhere (in the world). A designer in Lebanon can work on a project in Europe or Dubai, let's say - and we already did it, we have two projects in Europe, two in the U.S. and a few projects in Dubai,"said co-founder Sabouneh.
Franco Bechara said he had a positive experience using the online design platform, and he was now in the process of finishing the decoration of his new office. 
"Through it (MoodFit), I saved a lot of time and found or am actually finding what I want exactly, we are now in the works so it is not final but it's all looking how I want it to in the plans and 3Ds... You can maybe check it out when it is done, too. Also, I don't know if we mentioned, but price wise, they are being more competitive than the market," the 32-year-old company owner said from his office, which was being redecorated with the help of a MoodFit designer.
Another client said she already has reaped many benefits from the service, even though she had not yet started implementing the design on her new home.
"The major added values that we might not find with other designers is that they provide you with a list of the needed items we agreed on with details where to find each item and its price. They also have the custom made part in case we want something custom made. What I loved too is that we had an expert opinion on the house and how to place things around. The nice part also, as well, is the value of the product... one pays a really low price and gets a very nice product at the end," said Nathalie Antoun, a Lebanese environmental consultant.
Jaroudi and Sabouneh say they choose the designers with care, making sure the brand's image and service level stay consistent.
MoodFit currently collaborate with 24 designers, who themselves work with different suppliers to meet clients' various tastes and budgets. 
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