May 16 2012 - 13:56

Who is Shadi Mawlawi?

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Who is Shadi Mawlawi?
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Investigations into the case of Shadi Mawlawi have not yet proven that the detainee maintains any organizational link with al-Qaeda despite his support for the organization and its ideology and despite his online interaction with people in Afghanistan. The investigation was also not able to say with certainty that Mawlawi was in the process of plotting terrorist acts on Lebanese territory. However, they only revealed that the detainee supports rebels in Syria and went to Syria several times to take part in combat operations or to deliver funds.    

25-year-old Shadi Mawlawi, who was imprisoned for his Islamist links, is still detained by the military judiciary along with a Jordanian citizen suspected of being a member of al-Qaeda.   

According to well-informed security sources, the Jordanian is a pharmacist that was in Syria from where he flew to Tehran. He was turned away by Iranian authorities, stopping in Syria on his way to Lebanon, staying in contact with Mawlawi throughout. The sources added that the Jordanian was suspected of funding opposition members in Syria and that he was planning on sending an additional $20,000 to the rebels.   

The dragnet of investigations also snared a Qatari national who was suspected of funding rebels in Syria. However, the charges were not substantiated as no links were found between him and Mawlawi and he was later released.
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