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Dec 12 2012 - 06:29

Hariri: Assad is a full-featured monster

publishing date: 12/12/2012 06:29:03
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Hariri: Assad is a full-featured monster

Former PM Saad Hariri commented on what has been called Syrian arrest warrants, saying that, ironically a monster now speaks of justice and law issues. Referring to the Syrian president, Hariri said, “Assad is a full-featured monster, he has lost his political, humanitarian and ethical powers and he is wanted by the Syrian justice where he will be prosecuted, sooner or later,” Hariri said.            

Hariri issued a statement whereby he added that “Assad will also be prosecuted before the Lebanese judiciary since he has participated in premeditated assassinations and acts of terror as well as creating strife between the Lebanese people.”            

On the other hand, Hariri stressed that the arrest warrants issued by the Syrian regime should be returned to Assad, whom the "cages of justice" await for on charges of bloodshed in Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq, not to mention the "slaughter of children and the genocide of the Syrian people."
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