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Caracas: What really happened?

Caracas: What really happened? Lebanon, news ,lbci ,أخبار happened,really,What,Caracas,
 Caracas: What really happened?
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Violent confrontations with the Lebanese army took place Wednesday night lasting from 11 pm till 6:15 am of Thursday morning. The outcome resulting in a wounded officer alongside 3 soldiers, and the death of the Syrian national Jamal Soleimani, and Samer Al Masri.                  

Hani Al-Chanti was also arrested, after being seriously injured, along with the concierge of the building on suspicion of involvement in the case.             I

It was reported that around 10:30 pm Jamal Soleimani arrived at the Cape Itani building where he resides in Caracas, where he quarreled with his girlfriend Gharam, after the latter decided to end their relationship. In an attempt to scare her, Soleimani began firing in the air from a machine gun he possesses.                  
The Army Command said, shortly after the shooting incident took place in Caracas, Raoucheh, LAF members rushed to the scene, and upon their arrival they came under fire by Soleimani who was stationed in the 7th floor of the building. Accordingly, the soldiers cordoned off the building and called on the armed man to surrender.

However, Soleimani did not comply with the warning as another gunman kept throwing grenades at the troops.  The man who was throwing the grenades turned out to be non other than Hani Al-Chanti, a member of the “Group of 13” whom remain suspects in the assassination of Former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. According to information made available to LBCI, Hani Al-Chanti, is a Jordanian citizen who was released from jail 3 months ago. Hani is currently working in the music industry.             

The soldiers found the body of another person inside the apartment that was killed during the dispute that had firstly erupted between the armed men themselves.               

Initial information stated that the clashes had erupted between pro SSNP supporters and pro Future bloc supporters. All of which turned out to be untrue.

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