May 09 2019 - 06:24

Bkerke statement calls for ending clashes in Manasourieh

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Bkerke statement calls for ending clashes in Manasourieh
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Bkerke media official Walid Ghayad declared Thursday that during the meeting held in Bkerke to discuss the issue of the Mansourieh power lines, the conferees denounced the events that took place in the past two days and the clashes between the residents and the security forces.


The participants of the meeting were briefed on the studies provided by the Energy Ministry, which were conducted more than 15 years ago. They also presented their remarks and explanations, which will require a review by concerned authorities in order to find a solution that allows the implementation of the electricity plan in order to serve the interest of the citizens and at the same time, a solution that eliminates the concerns of the concerned residents.


In this regard, Patriarch Beshara Rai and Minister Nada Boustany will conduct this review.


The meeting in Bkerke included Patriarch Rai, Minister Nada Boustany, Kataeb party chief Samy Gemayel, MP Elias Hankash and Electricite Du Liban Director General Kamal Hayek.


Prior to leaving the Bkerke, Hankash said that a solution failed to be reached in the meeting, hoping that a neutral committee will be formed in order to look into the matter.


According to sources, the only solution presented by Minister Boustany is buying the apartments of the residents, and she stressed that they will move forward with the plan since it received the approval of the cabinet, which came after the ministry presented scientific studies. Minister Boustany rejected the proposal of MPs Gemayel and Hankash to form a neutral committee of experts to follow up on the issue.

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