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Road deviations for Pope Benedict XVI’s visit

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Road deviations for Pope Benedict XVI’s visit

The Public Relations Department at the Directorate General of the Internal Security Forces announced that on the occasion of the visit of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI to Lebanon, on 14/9/2012, the internal security forces will be taking the following measures:                  

On Friday, 09/14/2012: Parking prevention starting at 11:00 to time 16:00 from the airport road stretching through the Hafez Assad, Salim Salam, Fouad Chehab Boulevards through to George Haddad Street, main entrance of the Port, going towards Charles Helou Boulevard,  Karantina,  marine road from Karantina toward Dbayeh bridge through Jounieh highway towards  President Fouad Chehab Stadium,  Bkirki, and finally reaching  the  Papal embassy.           

On Saturday, 15/09/2012: Parking Prevention starting at 7:00 to time 14:00 on the road stretching from  Fouad Chehab stadium,   through Jounieh highway, to Dbayeh Bridge and the marine road down to the Karantina bridge,  Emile Lahoud Boulevard, Sayyad Roundabout,  and the Republican Palace (vice versa).                

On Sunday, the 16/9/2012: Parking Prevention starting at 4:00 and up time 13:00 on the following roads:               

1- Emile Lahoud Boulevard from Sayyad roundabout to Karantina Bridge; traffic will be deviated towards Ashrafieh.            

2- Pierre Gemayel Boulevard from the Dkhouliyeh Intersection to the Judicial Palace’s tunnel.            

3- Paris Boulevard from the intersection of the old US embassy to the intersection of “Bain Militaire”              

4- Charles Helou Boulevard from the Forum de Beirut to the Emigrant Statue. Cars are banned from passing and parking in the space between the Karantina Bridge – Forum (eastern side) and Paris Boulevard – old US embassy intersection (western side), and from Armenia Street to Gemmayze Street, and to Georges Haddad Street until Fouad Chehab Boulevard and Fakhreddine Street, going through Omar Daouk Street (southern side).               

All traffic will be suspended throughout the Pope’s visit to Lebanon as of 8:00 am on Friday 14/9/2012 until the end of his visit Sunday 16/9/2012 from Harissa highway stretching through to Fouad Chehab Stadium in Jounieh, upwards towards central Ghosta – Harissa. All traffic on these roads will be deviated to auxiliary roads.              

Traffic will also be suspended on the seaside road from the Donniyeh Bridge stretching through to the Karantina Bridge as follows:           

- On 14/9/2012 from 11:00 until 16:00         

- On 15/9/2012, from 7:00 until 14:00           

- On 16/9/2012 from 6:00 until 19:00
Trucks and heavy vehicles will also be prohibited from taking road  in Beirut, Mount Lebanon, Kesserwan and Metn.

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