Apr 15 2018 - 12:08

REPORT: Nasrallah: Latest strike on Syria will complicate political solution

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Lebanon News
Hezbollah Secretary General Saayed Hassan Nasrallah delivered on Sunday a speech whereby he tackled the latest strikes on Syria.
During his speech, Nasrallah said that the strikes on Syria took place before the arrival of the delegation of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons to investigate Douma because US President Donald Trump knows that the chemical attack is only a “play.”
“Whoever is gambling that Syria will collapse or that the situation will change in favor of USA,  Israel or any other regional state is delusional,” Nasrallah added.
He also said that the US military had kept its strikes limited because it knew a wider attack would spark retaliation from Syria and its allies and would “inflame the region.”

Nasrallah however stressed that the strikes will complicate the political solution in Syria and will lead to the aggravation of the International relations.
On another note, Nasrallah noted that it is in the interest of Bekaa’s residents to restore coexistence with their Syrian neighbors.
To watch the full report, please clcik on the video above.

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