Nov 21 2021 - 14:09

President Aoun addresses his people on Eve of 78th Independence - [REPORT]

On the eve of Lebanon's 78th Independence Day President of the Republic Michel Aoun addressed the Lebanese and said: Lebanon, news ,lbci ,أخبار Independence, Aoun, President,Lebanon,On the eve of Lebanon's 78th Independence Day President of the Republic Michel Aoun addressed the Lebanese and said:
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Lebanon News
On the eve of Lebanon's 78th Independence Day President of the Republic Michel Aoun addressed the Lebanese and said: “I am convinced that the beginning of the solution of today’s crisis lies in the cooperation with international institutions.”
He pointed out that “Corruption is entrenched indeed in all parts of the State; and its lords seek to jointly and severally undermine any rescue attempt. What has happened and is still happening with the forensic audit in the accounts of the Central bank is yet another proof of that. Indeed, this self-evident procedure which marks the beginning of any reform process in the various State agencies and which aims at unveiling the reasons behind the collapse and defining responsibilities to pave the way for accountability and recovery of rights, has been subject to all sorts of obstacles, way before it had been adopted at the Council of Ministers and till the moment; and we were untying the knots consecutively, one after another. My fellow Lebanese, I call on you to watch vigilantly and spot the blockers once masks have fallen: it is the same corrupt system, and you will soon have an opportunity to deter it. Don’t waste this opportunity!”
“My fellow citizens, you want accountability. You want to see those who wreaked havoc in the country and those who embezzled or squandered your funds pay for their abuses, and you always ask the obvious question: ‘why has no one been put behind bars yet?’ No one has been put behind bars yet because accountability belongs to the Judiciary, and everything else is mere media accusations that may or may not be right, and no one can be incarcerated without a judge’s sentence. I therefore address you, Judges of Lebanon, Accusations are numerous and so are the accused. Everyone has made themselves judges, prosecutors and attorneys; everyone accuses and everyone is accused. This mess of accusations which threatens now, in some of its instances, stability and even civil peace, would not have happened if our Judiciary had not failed to do its job, if it had been kept off limits for politicians and non-politicians, and if its independence had been consolidated by a law that has not yet seen the light.  Today, the Judiciary can still take the lead, if it manages to dissociate itself from interference and abide by legal provisions that govern the work and independence of the judicial branch and correct any infringements that may obstruct its performance. Let everyone keep in mind, politicians, religious leaders and judges alike, that if the Judiciary is fine, the nation is fine,” he added while tackling the judiciary issue.
As for the Lebanese-Gulf rift, President Aoun highlighted that he was following up on the matter, hoping a solution is reached soon.
In regards to the maritime borders file, Aoun said: “Positive signs have begun to emerge to reach an agreement that guarantees Lebanon’s interest and sovereignty over its waters and natural resources, thus leading to the resumption of the oil and gas exploration operation. 
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