Oct 31 2020 - 07:00

Pope condemns 'savage' church attack, urges French to be united

Pope Francis condemned as "savage" an attack in which Lebanon, news ,lbci ,أخبار Macron, France,Pope Francis,Pope Francis condemned as "savage" an attack in which
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Lebanon News
Pope Francis condemned as "savage" an attack in which three people were killed at a church in France on Thursday, and the Vatican said terrorism and violence were never acceptable.

"Informed of the savage attack which was perpetrated this morning in a church in Nice, causing the death of several innocent people, His Holiness Pope Francis joins in prayer with the suffering of the families and shares their grief," said a message sent in his name to the bishop of Nice.

It said the pope condemned "in the most energetic manner such violent acts of terror" and urged the French people to remain united.

Earlier, Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni said the attack "sowed death in a place of love and consolation," a house of God.

"It is a moment of pain in a time of confusion. Terrorism and violence can never be accepted," Bruni said.
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