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Press Digest for Tuesday June 26, 2012

Press Digest for Tuesday June 26, 2012 Lebanon, news ,lbci ,أخبار June,Tuesday,Digest,Press,
Press Digest for Tuesday June 26, 2012
Lebanon News
The following are summaries of today's major stories published in the Arabic press. LBCI does not edit press digest articles for content, giving English-language readers insight into the various views expressed in newspapers across the Arab world.        

As-Safir daily revealed that extensive consultations took place in the past few days, focusing on the idea of changing the government and replacing it with a national unity cabinet in which all parties are represented.             

In a statement to an-Nahar daily, security sources refused to disclose the names of the 4 people involved in the Monday attack on the headquarters of al-Jadeed TV as well as the statements made by the arrested Wissam Alaa al-Dine in order to preserve the confidentiality of investigations.     
Concerned sources revealed to the daily that the people behind the attack are probably affiliated with a certain local organization and were provoked by the statements earlier made by Sheikh Ahmad Assir during a morning talk show on al-Jadeed TV. According to the sources, these members sought to “address a certain message” to Assir without the consent of the organization’s leadership.                                

Sheikh Ahmad al-Assir, the Imam of Bilal Bin Rabah Mosque in Sidon, accused once again the Shia sect, particularly Hezbollah and Amal Movement, of insulting a wife of Muslim Prophet Mohammad, citing the toy gun that is allegedly spurring sectarian tension.    

In a statement to an-Nahar daily, Assir stressed that the toy in question is available in many Arab countries such as Sudan, adding that the audio recording featured the voice of an Iraqi man that was added to the original recording.    

In turn, the head of Dar al-Fatwa’s department of public affairs, Sheikh Shadi al-Masry, confirmed that, according to the results of investigations carried out by security apparatuses, Assir’s accusations are unfounded.    

Sheikh Masry explained that the toy’s recording was copied to a CD that revealed its exact words and which “do not insult Aisha in any way”. The sheikh added that the results, which were also provided by the Army Command, reveal that the controversial recording voices an English sentence that goes as follows: “Go, Go and take the hostages”.         

Al-Joumhouria daily reported that the Progressive Socialist Party is gearing up, for the first time, for popular movements and protests to be staged in al-Jabal over the electricity issue and frequent power shortages sweeping Lebanon.                    

Interior Minister Marwan Chabrel told al-Liwaa daily that the month-long security plan that will come into effect as of Wednesday aims at portraying Lebanon as a “safe haven” for the Arab countries.        
Charbel added that, during the “security month”, no one is allowed to open fire or block roads for any reason, confirming that the security plan also aims at reinforcing the role of security apparatuses on the ground.
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