Sep 22 2012 - 05:45

80-year-old man rapes his neighbor’s cow

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80-year-old man rapes his neighbor’s cow
Lebanon News
The police of the Turkish Konya Province arrested an 80-year-old man who tried to rape the cow of his neighbor in Eregli, a town located in the Turkish Konya Province in the Central Anatolia region.    

According to Turkish newspaper Hurriyet, when the cow’s owner entered a stable he owns to check on his animals, he saw the 80-year-old man standing behind a cow with his pants down, allegedly raping the animal. 

The stable owner and his brother-in-law expelled the man from the stable, but the latter returned the next morning wielding a gun and threatening the cow’s owner not to tell anyone about this. When the police was informed, it arrested the man and confiscated the gun.   

Reports showed that the old man was previously caught by the police in his apartment with two women after his neighbors filed complaints of prostitution against him.   

The rape attempt took place a week after a villager in the northwestern province of Bursa was detained by police after claims that he raped a duck. The man was later released, Hurriyet Daily reported.
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