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Sep 09 2018 - 13:03

Geagea calls on Aoun to save his era, urges Hezbollah to return to Lebanon

publishing date: 09/09/2018 13:03:33
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Geagea calls on Aoun to save his era, urges Hezbollah to return to Lebanon

Lebanese Forces party chief Samir Geagea stressed Sunday the need for a complete participation in the cabinet in order to preserve the state and recover it from the “hole” that some parties contributed to drag into with corruption and lack of planning, adding that the performance of the Lebanese Forces in the caretaker cabinet gives a small idea on what the party intends to do in the new cabinet. “This is why we understand the origin of the fake campaigns launched against us,” he said.


Following the mass held in memory of the martyrs of the Lebanese Resistance, he noted that there are no justifications for the delay in forming the cabinet, except the obstruction caused by “those who should be most interested in the success of the era of President Michel Aoun.”


Geagea explained that “some parties are trying to reduce the representation of Lebanese Forces and others in the government and in some way put their hands of the largest number of ministries illogically and unacceptably, all under the pretext of the president’s share.”


Addressing President Aoun, he called on him to save his era himself, saying that “when the era’s major national achievements are on the verge of collapse, they will be the first to stand by the era until the end, but when the matter is related to narrow personal interests, they will stand against them.”


On the Maarab agreement, Geagea stressed that it is still standing, “since it does not belong to anyone but the people.”


Addressing the supporters of the Free Patriotic Movement, the LF chief told them “that whatever happens after the Maarab agreement nothing should lead us backwards.”


On March 14 coalition, Geagea revealed that mistakes have been made “but everything is fine.”


Tackling the issue of electricity, he declared that “only transparent work will lead to a 24/7 power supply with lower cost,” explaining that “this is not happening because someone is holding on to the electricity and he does not know how to fix it.”


On another note, the party chief expressed support for the policy adopted by the president and prime minister regarding the Syrian refugee crisis.


“Who said Bashar Assad wants the refugees to return? If Assad considered the refugees in Lebanon as his people, he would have begged the Lebanese General Security to send the largest number and as soon as possible, regardless of anything else; but the reality is the complete opposite,” he stated.


Addressing Hezbollah, he said: “How can anyone benefit from winning all the battles but lost his nation? Come back to Lebanon and we will be waiting for you.”

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