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Introduction to the evening news 31-07-2012

Introduction to the evening news 31-07-2012 Lebanon, news ,lbci ,أخبار news,evening,Introduction,
Introduction to the evening news 31-07-2012
Lebanon News
We are living under the “republic of shame” since its apparatuses do not waver over subjecting detainees to virginity and homosexuality tests. These tests, which are imposed without the least suspicion of sexual assault or rape, involve touching the detainees’ private parts.         

In details, 36 men were led out of a movie theater in Burj Hammoud to the Hbeish police station where they underwent anal examination. Some of them were later released.            

In that same republic of shame, officials threaten to inflict collective punishment on the Lebanese people by depriving them of electricity. This comes in the wake of the “alliance of political corruption and opportunism” against contract workers. However, the workers’ adherence to their 3-month-long sit-in has prompted the officials to engage in negotiations that might bear their desired fruits within the upcoming days.         

That same republic is persisting in depriving their employees and teachers of their rights and is indifferent to their fate and to that of thousands of students.   

That same republic is turning a blind eye to 11 Lebanese hostages, leaving the street as the sole option for their relatives who granted the state 48 hours before utter escalation.     

That same republic is not capable of engaging in a national dialogue while the Syrian situation is worsening at different levels.

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