Nov 01 2019 - 10:54

Nasrallah calls for the formation of a real sovereign cabinet that listens to the people’s demands

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Nasrallah calls for the formation of a real sovereign cabinet that listens to the people’s demands
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Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah stressed Friday that “they did not support the resignation of the government in the beginning, but Hariri had his reasons,” noting that one of the repercussions of this resignation is that the reform document has been put on hold.


Regarding the formation of a new cabinet, Nasrallah called for a real sovereign government, the decisions of which are made in Lebanon without an influence from the US embassy or any other embassy.


In a speech he delivered during a memorial ceremony of Sayyed Jaafar Mortada who passed away late Saturday, Nasrallah said that “their statements are often twisted by media outlets, and this is what has been happening during the protests in Lebanon,” noting that “when he told the protesters that their demands are rightful and warned them against outside funding, the media interpreted his words as saying that the embassies are funding the movements.”


“Because of a lot of awareness and patience, the Lebanese managed to avoid being dragged into plans prepared by some parties to drag the country toward chaos and conflicts,” he stated, adding that “those who were pushing towards chaos were present and the unprecedented levels of insults and cursing indicated that they were not spontaneous.”


In the same context, Nasrallah also said that some parties attempted to take advantage of the protests as a political investment and to paralyze the country for political gains and interests, adding that some incidents took place but were limited compared to the level of discipline and awareness shown in the streets.


“We respect and appreciate those who seek to continue the protests, but those who seek to incite internal fighting, must be confronted with patience without granting their wishes,” he stated.


On another note, the Hezbollah chief rejected reports stating that the precedent cabinets were “Hezbollah governments,” explaining that “Hezbollah has never held the power in the cabinet and never had the strongest influence.”


“We did not represent sovereign ministries and the reason behind these rumors is to hold Hezbollah responsible for all the failures,” he continued.


“We have never been concerned for ourselves and the Resistance because we are very strong,” he stressed, reiterating that any concern they may have voiced was for the country.


Nasrallah urged the Lebanese people to exert pressure to prevent vacuum in power, calling for the formation of a new cabinet as soon as possible.


“The new cabinet should listen to the demands of the people who took to the streets and must listen to the people’s voice, through putting in place programs that fulfill these demands,” the Shiite party chief said, adding that the cabinet’s main objective must be to regain the confidence, show serious and hard work and reflect transparency.

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