Nov 20 2019 - 06:46

The Lebanese Red Cross needs our help!

The Lebanese Red Cross needs our help! Lebanon, news ,lbci ,أخبار Lebanon,Lebanese Red Cross,The Lebanese Red Cross needs our help!
The Lebanese Red Cross needs our help!
Lebanon News
The Lebanese Red Cross is facing an awareness issue when it comes to the movement of their ambulances.

There is a misconception amongst the Lebanese community that an empty ambulance with loud sirens and lights is either faking or trying to pass through crowds, ignoring that the most vital response time for the Red Cross is the time it takes them to reach the patient and provide life-saving care before they can transport him/her to the hospital.

In order to help the Lebanese Red Cross achieve their mission, we should know that the Lebanese Red Cross ambulance uses its lights and sirens in 2 scenarios:

1.When responding to an emergency call; that is when a call is received on 140 and the ambulance is dispatched from its station to the location of the patient

2. When transporting a patient from the scene of the incident to the hospital

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