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Presidential election session: What do different MPs say to LBCI?

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Presidential election session: What do different MPs say to LBCI?
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Kataeb bloc MP Elias Hankach stressed on Thursday during an interview with “To the Presidency of the Republic” on LBCI that the call for today's session came as a surprise to some blocs.
While Development and Liberation bloc MP Qassem Hachem said that “the parliamentary blocs expressed their willingness to participate in the session, and their positions are clear, and the ballot box will be in the middle,” adding that “once the quorum is complete, Speaker Berri will announce the start of the voting.”
Hachem indicated that the bloc's contacts with allies are ongoing until the moment of starting the session.
As for Armenian Bloc MP Hagop Terzian, he confirmed that “they are not the ones who will disrupt the quorum, and we support anyone who has foreign relations that are in the interest of the country.”
Moreover, Deputy Abdul Rahman Al-Bizri considered that “the invitation to today's session was a surprise, but disrupting the quorum should not be a possibility.”
For his part, MP Elias Jarada pointed out that they desperately need a point of convergence, and that they have no problem with any of the names suggested.
However, MP Ghiath Yazbek stated that MP Michel Moawad will have a high percentage of the vote.
He also said that “they must agree on the concept of a president who challenges everything that threatens Lebanon's return to order, and refuses to coexist with a state that erodes the sovereignty.”
While MP Alain Aoun announced that “they have not yet discussed the issue of disrupting the quorum in the second session,” and that the goal is to elect a president.
“There was no agreement with certain blocs, including those closest to us, on any candidate, and for this reason we agreed on the blank ballot,” MP Aoun revealed during his interview with “To the Presidency of the Republic.”
Furthermore, Loyalty to the Resistance bloc MP Hassan Fadlallah affirmed that “today's session will be a session of reconnaissance of intentions,” stressing that “the country needs a president who is agreed upon by the various blocs.”
As for MP Jamil al-Sayyed, he mentioned that each party can disrupt the session if it finds that the atmosphere is not suitable for it.
While MP Shawki Daccache confirmed that his bloc made the choice of Michel Moawad because it represents a free decision and secures a good future for the new generations.
MP Mohammad al-Khawaja confirmed that he is against any interference from any friendly or non-friendly country in Lebanon.
However, MPs have begun arriving at the Parliament to participate in the session to elect a President of the Republic.
As for MP Faisal al-Sayegh, he pointed out that they have a tendency to choose Michel Moawad.
Furthermore, MP Paula Yacoubian revealed that the Change MPs have a lot of names.
Deputy Walid al-Baarini stressed that “they are committed to the decision of Dar Al-Fatwa.”
As for MP Elias Bou Saab, he said that he does not see that today’s atmosphere suggests the election of a president of the republic.

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