Mar 19 2017 - 06:13

REPORT: Protesters rally in Riyad Soleh Square against new taxes

Protestors started on Sunday gathering in the Riyad Soleh Square Lebanon, news ,lbci ,أخبار Wage Scale, Taxes, Lebanon, Beirut,Protest,Protestors started on Sunday gathering in the Riyad Soleh Square
Protestors gathered on Sunday in the Riyad Soleh Square for a rally against the tax hike and in support of approving the much-awaited wage scale for public employees.
The rally was held amid tight security measures around the Grand Derail and the Parliament.
The protesters hold banners demanding the Lebanese leaders to put an end for corruption and the squandering of public funds.
This as some protesters got into a scuffle, throwing empty bottles and fireworks at the police, and even tried removing barriers which prompted the Kataeb party and the National Liberal party to call their partisans to withdraw from the rally.
Meanwhile, Prime Minister Saad Hariri arrived to the rally to meet with the protesters whereby he addressed the angry crowds, vowing to put an end for the corruption.
"The road will be long ... and we will be by your side and will fight corruption," Hariri vowed.
 He then headed on foot to the Grand Serail.
On Twitter, Hariri later urged activists to form a committee "to raise their demands and discuss them positively".​
Lebanese authorities are seeking to raise taxes to help agree a deal on public sector pay rises, part of a wider effort led by Prime Minister Saad Hariri to approve the country's first state budget in 12 years
Lawmakers approved several tax hikes last week, the most prominent being a one percentage point increase in the sales tax.
In the coming weeks, parliament still has to approve other increases, and the president must then sign off on all of them, before any of the new taxes take effect.
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