Oct 16 2020 - 06:23

President Aoun to Schenker: Work ongoing to establish a clean government

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Lebanon News
President Michel Aoun met on Friday with US Assistant Secretary of State for Middle East Affairs David Schenker at the Baabda Presidential Palace.

President Aoun said to Schenker that Lebanon “heavily relies on the US mediating role to reach just solutions during the negotiations which began a few days ago to demarcate the southern maritime borders”, considering that “this role can help overcome difficulties which may hinder the negotiation process”.

Aoun also assured Schenker that work is ongoing to establish “a clean government” which focuses on achieving necessary reforms to advance the country from the deteriorating economic and financial conditions it passes through, stressing the importance of forensic audit in Central Bank accounts, which is considered an essential step in the reform process and restoring the state’s rights, and rise of the Lebanese economy.

He also tackled the issue of displaced Syrians and its negative repercussions on all public sectors, hoping that the US would facilitate the return of these people to their countries, “which has become safe and stable in most of its areas”.

For his port, Schenker asserted the continuation of the facilitating and mediating role which his country plays in negotiations of the demarcation of Lebanese southern maritime borders, hoping to work to complete these negotiations as soon as possible and reach positive results.

Ambassador Schenker also praised the positive role which President Aoun plays in leading the fight against corruption and changing the approach that prevailed in the past, considering that reforms in Lebanon are essential, mainly since there is no difference between politics and the economy. 

Then, Schenker voiced hope that a productive government would be formed to achieve the necessary economic reforms.
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