Oct 03 2014 - 04:50

Woman Goes On 75 Blind Dates Across 22 Countries

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Woman Goes On 75 Blind Dates Across 22 Countries
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A 55-year-old woman from Melbourne, Australia, embarked on a mission to find “the one” man for her, as she traveled to 22 countries and went on 75 blind dates.

From an Italian prince and a Spanish gigolo to a Russian billionaire and a priest at the Vatican, Bambi Smyth has certainly 'dated' her fair share of interesting men.


Ms. Smyth said she wanted to meet as many men as she could, but sometimes she only had one day in a country and had two or three meetings.

“It was hard work, but exciting too,” she said.

Before leaving Melbourne, Ms Smyth emailed everyone she knew telling them she was writing a book about food and men and needed a 'date' in various countries.

She said the men should be 'preferably single' and aged roughly between 25 to 55. In a matter of two weeks she had a list of blind dates across the world.

As she returned from her journey after 75 dates, Ms Smyth ended up meeting a man named Greg in Australia, and said she opened up during the experience and learned a few things about herself.

Interesting experience to say the least! Here's hoping Ms Smyth's book hits the shelves soon so we can get an inner look into that adventure!

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