Jun 29 2012 - 14:00

Assir to LBCI: Are you ready for your channel to burn down?

Assir to LBCI: Are you ready for your channel to burn down? Lebanon, news ,lbci ,أخبار channel,ready,LBCI,Assir,
Sheikh Ahmad Al-Assir reiterated on Friday the continuation of his open-ended demonstration held in the city of Sidon, stating that it is the beginning of a peaceful intifada to regain the dignity of all the Lebanese who suffered under the presence of arms hegemony.

Referring to Hezbollah’s arms, Assir continued through Nharkom Said on LBCI that his movement will remain until their demands are met, calling on  all the Lebanese to join in his plight.    

Assir said that calls were ongoing for him to bring the demonstration to an end and move it somewhere else; something he clearly refuses to do. Instead he will be escalating his movements, according to statements made.

Assir went on to say that "every little child in Lebanon supports his claims, since it is rightful."

He added that in the past Hezbollah resorted to simply threatening media outlets that received him, now “they are burning them down.”

When asked whether his demonstration may cause a conflict with Sidon residents, Al-Assir sternly asked: “are you willing to expose LBCI to fire should I chose to answer your question freely?”

On the possibility of the interference of the LAF alongside security apparatuses in the country to bring down the demonstration, Al-Assir said that they would welcome them only on the grounds that they do not use similar techniques to that of the Shabiha of the Syrian Regime.   

Following the meeting held by Sidon officials, Sidon Mufti Salim Susan said that internal conflicts within the city would not be tolerated adding that “they” are committed to the unity for the entire city.

Head of the Future Bloc MP Fouad Siniora said that the government should regain its authority and work towards giving back Sidon its southern prestige. He also called for the opening of all roads in the city.

In reaction Al-Assir reiterated his stances regarding the reopening of the road saying that:" the road will not be opened even if the Security Council intervenes. The only way that would lead towards the opening of the road will be if we touch a serious tone on the part of Hezbollah and Amal regarding a solution to the issue of extra state arms" he said.  

He added that those who are afraid for the country’s economy should be aware that the economy is in shambles. He went on to stress that any aggression against [them] comes from Hezbollah adding that he places the responsibility on MP Fouad Siniora for giving them the green light.

On Siniora he continued,  that he has been following the former PM’s line of talk since 2005, describing it as submissive.

On the Secretary General of Hezbollah Sayyed Hassan Nasralla, Assir said that the Hezbollah leader blocked downtown Beirut for years while Siniora and his likes submitted at the expense of the blood of [Rafik] Hariri.

Sheikh Ahmad Al-Assir’s demonstration has now entered its third day.  
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