Jul 02 2012 - 04:00

Syrian troops beat 2 General Security members in Wadi Khaled

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Syrian troops beat 2 General Security members in Wadi Khaled
The saga of border tensions continue as Syrian troops shot at the Kamar Bridge in the region of Wadi Khaled Monday dawn, proceeding to move inward into Lebanon. The gunshots damaged the customs building and a number of cars according to reports.        

In the details, Syrian troops numbering up to 20 headed by Lieutenant Colonel Hussein stormed the crossing on board a military jeep equipped with a machine gun firing in all directions.         

The troops then arrested a customs employee and two members of the General Security. It was reported that the Syrian troops physically attacked the detainees prior to taking them into Syria only to release them after an hour and confiscating the weapons of one member.       

Later throughout the day, the General Directorate of the General Security announced via an official statement that its center in the region of Bkayaa was shot at by a unit from the Syrian army whilst chasing gunmen who had earlier launched a rocket at the Syrian Immigration and Passport Department from Lebanon, injuring two workers.          

The Directorate continued, that the Syrian troops arrived in the Bkayaa center, and "escorted the two workers to Syria, releasing them an hour later. The Directorate added that necessary investigations are underway, and word has reached the head of the General Security and the Interior Minister.          

Commenting on the incident, MP Mouin Merhebi told LBCI that what happened in Wadi Khaled is “shameful”, adding that the President, the Prime Minister and the LAF Commander must be "ashamed".    

Citizens of Bekayaa told LBCI that one of the security personnel taken into Syria has sustained severe injuries.

Subsequently the LAF intensified its patrols throughout the town.

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