Jul 03 2012 - 15:21

Every July since 2006, Israel escalates incitement against Lebanon and Syria

Every July since 2006, Israel escalates incitement against Lebanon and Syria Lebanon, news ,lbci ,أخبار since,July,Every,
Like every year since the end of the July 2006 war, Israel escalates incitement against Lebanon and Syria during the month of July.    

In its last report, Israel claimed that Hezbollah possesses sophisticated missiles, two times more than it had during the 2006 war. The report added that with these missiles, Hezbollah can impose a maritime blockade and disrupt the balance in the region.     

As for Syria, Israel did not rule out the possibility that Hezbollah might take control of sophisticated Russian missiles owned by Syria in order to use them in the upcoming war against Israel. In this regard, Israelis stressed that they are intensifying their intelligence activities against Syria and controlling what they called “missiles smuggling to Lebanon”.      

The Israeli army refused to comment on the detonation of the spying devices tapped into Hezbollah’s communications networks and promoted its maritime training on a scenario in which Hezbollah imposes a naval blockade on Israel. Through senior officers, the army launched warnings, legitimizing the Air Force Intelligence’s oversight activities over Lebanon, including the warplanes overflying Lebanon in order to contain what Israel is calling “Hezbollah’s preparations and equipment of southern towns with missile arsenal”.     

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu joined this campaign by linking Hezbollah’s activities to the situation in Syria that “has become a greater threat to Israel given the possibility of smuggling advanced weapons to Hezbollah, the global Jihad movement and al-Qaeda, to be used against Israel”. On the border with Syria, Netanyahu disclosed many attempts to infiltrate into Israel, increasing fears over cross-border incursions.
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