Oct 27 2012 - 04:47

Aazaz rebels declare the detention of journalist Fidaa Itani

Aazaz rebels declare the detention of journalist Fidaa Itani Lebanon, news ,lbci ,أخبار detention,declare,rebels,Aazaz,
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Lebanon News

The Facebook page of Aazaz Rebels reported on Saturday that the Syrian rebels have detained Lebanese journalist Fidaa Itani.               

The coordination committee of the Syrian revolution in Aazaz declared on Saturday that the arrest of the journalist Fidaa Itani, who works for LBCI and other channels was due to the incompatibility of his work with the course of the Syrian revolution, noting that Itani was placed under house arrest for a short period of time and will be released after the completion of all required procedures.          

The committee noted that while his reports and videos did not prove his involvement with any party against the revolution, his work as a journalist will no longer be accepted in the regions controlled by the rebels.                 

Accordingly, LBCI called Abou Ibrahim who confirmed that Fidaa Itani is in the custody of the rebels, noting that Itani raised suspicions while he was working with a group of rebel fighters in Aleppo,; therefore, they took him to Azaz and delivered him to the Abou Ibrahim.

In this context, Labor Minister Salim Jraissaty told LBCI that the follow-up ministerial committee charged with the case of the Lebanese detainees in Syria will convene on Monday afternoon at the office of Interior Minister Marwan Charbel to discuss the cases of Itani and the other detainees.

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