Nov 25 2012 - 16:00

Layla Abdul-Latif appears on “Tareekh Yashhad” TV show, launches series of predictions

Layla Abdul-Latif appears on “Tareekh Yashhad” TV show, launches series of predictions Lebanon, news ,lbci ,أخبار “Tareekh,appears,Latif,Abdul,Layla,
Layla Abdul-Latif appears on “Tareekh Yashhad” TV show, launches series of predictions
Lebanon News

Layla Abdul-Latif was a 2nd time guest on “TareekhYashhad” TV show [History Bears Witness].         

Abdul Latif launched a series of predictions on the local and Arab levels. 


On the political level:

Release of some Lebanese detainees in Syria

Elections will take place on time on the base of the 1960’s electoral law

Mp Walid Jumblatt will keep his alliance with Hezbollah and Amal Movement; no danger on his life; tension in his relationship with the United States

LF Leader Samir Geagea advances in the coming elections

MP Michel Aoun faces various health issues; remains the first Christian Leader

Parliament will remain closed until after the New Year

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah participates in national dialogue alongside all Lebanese parties

Tension between Hezbollah and Palestinian refugees

No Israeli strike on Lebanon

Major boom in the Lebanese economy

Assassins of Major General Wissam al-Hassan revealed

Alliance between PM Mikati, Omar Karami, Mohammad Safadi and Mosbah Ahdab

No amendments on the non-smoking law

Lebanon will become one of the largest gas exporters in the region

On the arts level:

Haifa will not stay single

George Wassouf will sing again in Downtown Beirut

Nawal al-Zoghbi to get divorce soon         

Disasters, earthquakes, hurricanes, more devastating than Sandy        

Bankruptcy of a large number of banks and companies               

Terrorist attacks             

Demonstrations supporting Obama and other against him after assassination attempt              


Clashes between Russian security and Islamists               

Major natural disasters               

Economic crisis              

Massive demonstrations in various regions          

Fires due to acts of sabotage                  


Hollande marries his girlfriend            

Problems with Islamists          

Humanitarian crisis in Paris             

Demonstrations and chaos                  

Sarkozy will not run for presidential elections                      


Demonstrations against the government lead to changes in some positions                 


Calm prevails after governmental reform            

Cooperation between the Bahrani army and Saudi army               


Demonstrations due to the deteriorating living conditions                 


More bloodshed                   

Divisions and changes by the year 2014                  

Risk on Allawi and al-Maliki             


Conspiracy against the emir


Victory for the Syrian people

February will be crucial month regarding the revolution

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