Feb 09 2013 - 09:51

Video of injured soldiers being transported from Arsal municipality to ambulance

Video of injured soldiers being transported from Arsal municipality to ambulance Lebanon, news ,lbci ,أخبار being,soldiers,injured,Video,
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Lebanon News

LBCI received a video showing the last episode of Arsal incident, in which Arsal's Mayor Ali al-Houjayri and his deputy were transporting the injured army troops from the municipal building to the ambulance.            

LAF troops were ambushed Friday February 1st, 2013, while trying to detain fugitive, Khaled Hmeid, suspected of involvement in the 2011 kidnapping of seven Estonian tourists who were abducted in Lebanon's eastern Bekaa Valley and held for nearly four months before being released in July that year.               

Some security officials have said that Hmeid crossed the border into Syria over the past months to fight with rebels trying to depose Syrian President Bashar Assad. Many in Arsal, a Sunni Muslim town, are sympathetic to Syrian rebels                                

This as fears of a Syrian spillover are mounting in Lebanon.                                 

Khaled Hmeid was injured in the raid and subsequently succumbed to his wounds. Shortly after his capture around 80 gunmen adamant on avenging Hmeid's capture followed the LAF troops who reportedly were stuck on the road leading out of the town due to the accumulation of snow. The gunmen attacked the troops leaving Major Pierre Bachaalany and Adjutant Ibrahim Zahraman for dead. The two were then taken alongside the remaining injured troops to the towns municipality and paraded in a show of celebration.                    

LBCI showed photographs Sunday of uniformed soldiers being held in the municipality building in Arsal. Some of the soldiers had bruises, and others were bloody. Some residents in Arsal have said that the troops who were ambushed were in civilian clothes and using civilian cars. They said they believed they were pro-government Syrian militiamen who crossed the border from Syria to capture Hmeid.                 

The death of the two soldiers have stirred the emotions of Lebanese Army supporters leading many to cut off roads and burn tires as a reaction to the crime.               

To watch the full video, please click on the image above
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