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Diab: Rescue plan must allow Lebanon to surpass tough phase

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Diab: Rescue plan must allow Lebanon to surpass tough phase
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Prime Minister Hassan Diab said on Wednesday during the national gathering held at Baabda Presidential Palace that dialogue has become a requirement to bolster ranks facing the national crisis.

The following is the Prime Minister’s full speech:

“Your Excellency, the President,

Your Excellency, Speaker of the Parliament,

Esteemed Audience,

Dialogue has always been the safest method to break down problems, to eliminate ambiguities, pave roads and open bridges. But when there are national issues, dialogue becomes necessary to unify the vision and strengthen ranks in facing national challenges.

Today we are crossing a long tunnel, dialogue can brighten this tunnel, and the Lebanese will alleviate the darkness of the difficult circumstances in which they live in. we can curse the dark, but nothing will change the suffering of the Lebanese.

The Government has fought in three months, huge and massive challenges, but it was determined to address the financial and economic situation, especially in light of the pressing reality at all levels. The Lebanese were unable to get their money in the banks, while the privileged were able to transfer their money abroad, while the public debt limit had reached the level that the state could not continue dealing with, by the logic of delay and tossing problems forward. We were at a critical crossroads, and we decided to address this financial dilemma and not to postpone it. Then the Corona pandemic came to increase pressure on the internal situation, and with very limited capabilities of the state.

However, we have overcome this challenge, and I can say that the Cabinet succeeded in securing the safe landing with minimal damage. Today, we have reached the moment when we must begin to repair the damages that have occurred in the financial and economic structure of the country. These are major, structural and deep-rooted damages, which need to be addressed by national momentum that reduces the strength of the suffering that the Lebanese are beginning to feel. There is no place to settle accounts today, and old notebooks are not supposed to be opened in politics.

Today we are here, in this dark reality, it will be costly to exchange accusations for all, especially for the Lebanese who are waiting for their political leaders to assume their responsibilities, and demanding the Government to develop a plan to get them out of this tunnel. Time is short, and the Lebanese are watching every step.

Not only did the Lebanese interact with the events, they became the ones making the event. The Lebanese took this initiative, and they became partners in the decision, and they pressed for accountability. Today we have a national responsibility, whether we are at the level of this responsibility, or that the Lebanese people will hold all those who have failed or held their back accountable. In any case, the Government has set its vision for financial and economic reform, and this vision will provide an opportunity to negotiate with creditors, as well as for talks with the International Monetary Fund.

What we propose in this plan is not a house book, which is capable of development, and we launched a dialogue that covered the various segments of Lebanese people, and we took many of the observations that we heard. Today, we present this plan to you, because this plan is not owned by a Government, but rather is a program of action for the state whose goal is to cross Lebanon into a difficult stage and restore financial balance. Throughout history, the Lebanese have overcome many national and existential crises. Today, they are looking to get out of this one, regardless of political differences and rejecting the logic of negativity in dealing with any rescue plan. No one may be turned back for a logical, rational and objective dialogue under a salvation reformist title.

We are condemned to deal with the circumstances with a positive open logic, with a national harmony and with sincere cooperation between all political and representative forces, and with interactions with the Lebanese who will not forgive anyone for failing to actively participate in saving them from the clutches of the acute crisis that is ravaging the country and threatening Lebanese livelihood.

Today, I appeal to all political forces, to the Parliamentary blocs, parties and organizations, to economic bodies and banks…

I invite you wholeheartedly and sincerely to stop the controversies, to get rid of the perennial interests of delusions and to pause with oneself. What do all these differences benefit, all these sensitivities and all calculations and interests, if Lebanon collapses, god forbid?

I invite you to be aware of the seriousness of the stage, to realize the scale of Lebanese suffering, and to appreciate the difficult circumstances which the country is going through. What do political and personal ambitions, race, and competition for power and governance benefit if the state structure collapses?

I invite you to strengthen the pillars of the state, to protect the country, and to reduce the burdens on the Lebanese. The Lebanese people have the right to worry about the future of their country, and their own future and the future of their children. I invite you to a national partnership in the rescue workshop, without prejudices, without goals, and without hidden stereotypes.

This Lebanon is for all of us, either everyone rises to the level of protecting this country, or the loss will fall on everyone.

Gentlemen, time is very precious, accumulated losses are very great, reality is very painful… and the opportunity to remedy will not wait long.

Oh God I bear witness that I have sent my message.

Long Live Lebanon.”
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