Jun 16 2020 - 09:59

Everything you need to know about re-opening of Beirut International Airport as of July 1

Amid the deteriorating economic situation and given Lebanon’s success in addressing Lebanon, news ,lbci ,أخبار Death, Health, Coronavirus, Lebanon, Airport,Beirut,Amid the deteriorating economic situation and given Lebanon’s success in addressing
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Lebanon News
Amid the deteriorating economic situation and given Lebanon’s success in addressing the Coronavirus pandemic so far, Rafic Hariri airport will resume its commercial flights on July 1 and its private flights only on June 24. 
The airport will receive only 10% of the air traffic compared to last year’s air traffic.
In order to encourage tourism in the country, visitors coming to Lebanon will not have to self-isolate for 14 days as self-isolation will be replaced by PCR tests.
The passengers coming through the airport will be classified into two categories. The first being those who come from countries where PCR tests are conducted.
In this case, passengers must conduct the PCR tests within 96 hours before coming to Lebanon, provided that the results are negative.
Upon arrival, passengers will also have to conduct another PCR test at the airport. All passengers who left Lebanon for a period not exceeding one week will be exempted from conducting the PCR tests upon their arrival to Lebanon.
The second category includes passengers who are coming from countries that do not conduct PCR tests. In this case, those who arrive to Lebanon must conduct PCR tests at the airport. Another test will be also conducted 72 hours after their arrival to Lebanon under the penalty of prosecution, even if the result of the airport’s test came as negative.
During these 72 hours, they must abide by the self-isolation restrictions at their residences as the Ministry of Health will follow up on their cases.
Airlines operating at the airport will pay for the tests conducted at the airport, provided that the passengers would pay for the other tests. 
If the tests findings are negative, passengers will continue their stay in Lebanon normally. If the results are positive, passengers will have to abide by the self-isolation restrictions and follow the guidelines of the Ministry of Health according to the adopted medical protocol.
All foreigners wishing to come to Lebanon must have an insurance valid during their whole stay in Lebanon to cover the expenses of the Coronavirus medical treatment if the tests findings are positive.
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