Jul 30 2013 - 04:02

REPORT: Woman commits suicide as husband films

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REPORT: Woman commits suicide as husband films
Lebanon News

Lebanese citizen Amina Ismail committed suicide last Saturday in the region of Ramla al-Bayda in Beirut when she jumped out of an eighth-floor apartment as her husband filmed her.           

The video shows the woman sitting at the window while her husband begs her to abstain from committing suicide “for the sake of her mother”.             

The circumstances of the suicide remain unclear.

In an important development, blogger Safwan noted via her Facebook page that she had obtained a copy of the video purporting the suicide of Amina Ismail on Monday 29-7-2013 through a resident of the region.

The main source of the video is a member of the Internal Security Forces, she said.

Safwan did not launch accusations against any person or party, but instead stressed that the content of her blog post was "pure potential theory".

She also added that ISF members who used to patrol the region rushed to the scene of the crime where they interrogated the victim's husband and seized the video from him.

Safwan also noted that her video on YouTube was flagged for the sensitive nature of the content.

In this regard, LBCI has also decided not to share the video for the sensitivity of the content.

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