Sep 25 2014 - 11:56

REPORT: Muslim Scholars Association calls for 'transparent probe' into Arsal incidents

REPORT: Muslim Scholars Association calls for 'transparent probe' into Arsal incidents Lebanon, news ,lbci ,أخبار calls,Association,Scholars,Muslim,REPORT,
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Lebanon News
The Association of Muslim Scholars on Thursday called for a “transparent probe” into alleged abuse of Syrian refugees at tented settlements in the northeastern border town of Arsal.

“We call for a transparent and unbiased investigation into the abuse of innocents and the torching of tented settlements in Arsal,” the association said in a statement after holding an emergency meeting.

“We urge the Army Command to put an end to violations and to address the situation with wisdom in a bid to roll back sedition,” the statement said.

The association also said activities will be organized tomorrow (September 26) under the slogan "No to Slaughtering Arsal", in order to “avoid strife which may spread throughout the entire country.”

Sources told LBCI on Thursday that the Lebanese army arrested 448 people during raids on Syrian refugees' tented settlements in the border town of Arsal, including an official in the al-Nusra Front and a defected Syrian officer.

The arrestees are armed men who are suspected of carrying out attacks in the town.

The same sources added that the gunmen torched the tents during the army raids and escaped, noting however that the army arrested several of them at the Wadi Hmeid checkpoint.

On another note, the Syrian refugees organized a sit-in in Arsal to protest the raids carried out by the Lebanese army.

Army Command:

The Lebanese Armed Forces Command issued a statement whereby it said that several assailants were wounded when the army opened fire on them in Arsal for setting fire to tents in refugee tented settlements.

The statement added that the army will continue carrying out raids in the region and will launch an investigation into the incident.

Arsal, whose residents have been supporting the uprising against Syrian President Bashar Assad, is currently hosting 47,000 Syrian refugees.

Many of them sought refuge in the border town after Syrian government troops ousted rebels from the Qalamoun region over the border.

Clashes erupted on August 2 between the army and Islamist gunmen in the town in light of the arrest of a member form the al-Nusra Front.

Several soldiers were wounded and killed in the battles that ended in a ceasefire on August 7.

The gunmen withdrew from the town, but kidnapped with them a number of soldiers and security forces.

The gunmen executed three soldiers so far and are threatening to execute the rest of them.

Some Syrian refugees residing in the settlements in the town are suspected of being involved in the battles.

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