Feb 28 2019 - 10:46

Pierre el-Daher wins against Samir Geagea and LBCI defeats Lebanese Forces

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Lebanon News

Pierre El Daher won against Samir Geagea and LBCI defeated the Lebanese forces, in a programmed battle led by the Lebanese Forces 12 years ago that was revealed to be build on void.


The judiciary issued the ruling: charges to be dropped against LBCI and Pierre Daher in the lawsuit filed by the Lebanese Forces against them. The court also ordered the Lebanese Forces to pay all costs.

Pierre el-Daher is the Chairman & CEO of the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International, LBCI, Lebanon's number one television channel. 

Pierre El Daher holds a Bachelor and Masters degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Southern California and resides in Lebanon with his wife Randa el-Daher and family.
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