Sep 22 2012 - 13:49

Lebanese Industrialists Association finds solutions to increase power capacity

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The situation of the electricity remains dire, the need for generators remains urgent, while the search for solutions became absolutely necessary. In the light of this fact, the Lebanese Industrialists Association presented a proposal to fill the electricity deficit in Lebanon with a cost lower than that of Turkish ships.

This Industrial electrical proposal benefits all categories of Lebanese people and saves the treasury burdens no longer bearable.               

The concerned authorities received, through the media, the industrialists’ proposal to produce energy, most particularly, through an official letter sent by the head of the industrial cities committee of the Industrialists Association, Michel Daher, whereby he declared that “he is ready to establish a power plant with a capacity of 50 megawatts to illuminate the region of Zahle”.                           

In this context, the head of the Lebanese Industrialists Association Nemat Frem said that the costs of electricity today are very high for the industrialists, noting that one of the solutions could be increasing the capacity of the existing power plants used by industrialists and using low-cost fuels.                            

In a statement to LBCI, Frem said that another solution lies in selling the surplus of electricity produced by the industrialists by connecting their production to the network, under the same conditions given to the Turkish ships.

He noted that the 1000 megawatts needed by Electricite Du Liban will be costing the company large sums of at least two billion USD, pointing that in case the private sector produces electricity, it will help the government save money.

Electricity is considered the most important need for the Lebanese people, while providing the citizens with 24-hour supply of electricity remains the biggest challenge.

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