Sep 26 2021 - 12:45

Chamoun visits Al Jamaa Al Islamiya in Shehim: We are in need of one another

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Chamoun visits Al Jamaa Al Islamiya in Shehim: We are in need of one another
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National Liberal Party Chief Camille Dory Chamoun visited on Sunday accompanied by a party delegation, the "Al Jamaa Al Islamiya" quarters in Shehim, where they were received by the Al Jamaa's Official in Mount Lebanon, Sheikh Ahmad Fawaz, and a number of prominent dignitaries from the region.

In his word during the visit, Chamoun said, "We are in need of each other to confront the epidemic that has afflicted Lebanon as a whole."

He added: "The opposition has no sectarian color, but its only color is the color of the cedar, which we are proud of and live under its shadow...Today we are carrying out a project of a sovereign front to save Lebanon and restore the confidence of the people in the actual existence of those who have a clean history and who are ready to contribute to rescuing Lebanon, through ensuring its neutrality from all the axes that have been impacting our policies for more than 40 years and purifying the state from all corruption that has caused poverty and emigration among all citizen groups..."

Chamoun, thus, highlighted the necessity of being united at this stage, adding that "determination has no electoral or populist characteristic, but rather is a mission that needs everyone's will and unified opinion so that the country can gradually recover."

He continued to underline the importance of ensuring that the Lebanese expatriates do participate in the electoral process at its right time, stressing that "the parliamentary elections should not be delayed and must be transparent and held under the auspices of the United Nations, lest the corrupt class would reach Parliament."

"I hope that we will join hands, Muslims and Christians, to rebuild this country on the foundations laid down by the late Camille Nimr Chamoun...We shall connect with everyone who resembles and thinks like us. We will not visit the corrupt and those who ruined Lebanon. I think that there are many good and honest people in this country and it is useful for us to join hands to overcome this stage. God created us equal, and gave us a conscience, so we should judge our conscience at the polls, and not sell it for $100 or $200," Chamoun underscored.

For his part, Sheikh Fawaz welcomed Chamoun and his accompanying delegation, stressing that "Al Jamaa Al Islamiya" believes in Lebanese coexistence, as the country cannot thrive without its Muslims and Christians. He added: "We are all in the same boat, and any defect that affects it would cause us all to drown...There is no difference between a Muslim and a Christian, for everyone feels humiliated and hence, we affirm that man strives for the best to live with dignity and freedom because God created us free and liberal."

Fawaz regretted that people in Lebanon currently live below poverty line, adding, "We aspire for the situation to change and for the voter's voice to be a tool for change in the future."
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