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Introduction to the evening news 06-12-2012

Introduction to the evening news 06-12-2012 Lebanon, news ,lbci ,أخبار news,evening,Introduction,
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Rapid and quality developments took place, from Egypt to Turkey, passing by Damascus arriving to Tripoli:                  

In Egypt, everyone awaits President Mohammad Morsi's statements this evening, more than one week after a wave of strikes took over the country, but the prominent event was Al-Azhar's speech whereby he called on Morsi to suspend the constitutional declaration.                        

Not so far away, Gaza prepares for receiving Khaled Meshaal tomorrow, in a visit that represent a transition in the movement from Damascus to Cairo, passing by Qatar.

In Damascus, the issue of chemical weapons worries the International Community. In this context, the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon warned the Syrian regime against using these weapons; otherwise, legal action will be taken against it.                 

Meanwhile, MP Okab Sakr detonated the bomb of the recordings in Ankara, as he replied in a press conference, to published reports about him supplying the Syrian opposition with arms. In this regard, he described the recordings as the biggest political and moral scandal, revealing that they are seven months old.                   

Following the press conference, former PM Saad Hariri called Sakr and congratulated him on his conference.                

On the other hand, Military investigation judge, Riad Abou Ghida, concluded his investigations into the dossier of former Minister Michel Samaha and referred the file to the government commissioner to the military court, Judge Sakr Sakr, for legal overview prior to the indictment's issuance.                   

Amid all these developments, clashes continued between Bab al-Tebbaneh and Jabal Mohsen, while in Beirut an explosive was found in the Tareeq al-Jdideh area and MP Ammar Houry declared that he was the target of the bomb.

All these developments and more in our detailed news bulletin.

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