Oct 25 2012 - 13:48

REPORT: FBI delegation joins investigative team in Wissam Hassan's assassination case

REPORT: FBI delegation joins investigative team in Wissam Hassan's assassination case Lebanon, news ,lbci ,أخبار investigative,joins,delegation,REPORT,
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It is not the first time that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) provides technical assistance to Lebanon in investigations into assassinations or assassination attempts. These American agents have participated for example in the survey of the crime scene of May Chidiac’s assassination attempt. Today, they inspected the scene of the crime which killed Major General Wissam Hassan.     

FBI agents arrived to Beirut on Thursday and inspected the Achrafeh crime scene under the supervision of Attorney General Judge Hatem Madi. They later met with Madi who informed them that the ISF’s Information Division is in need of a technical logistic assistance in regards to the evidence and clues found on the crime scene, mainly the remains of the booby-trapped car and the marks left by the explosives. The agents will however not take part in oral investigations such as interrogations with witnesses or suspects.    

Judge Madi stressed that investigations are 100% Lebanese and held in absolute secrecy. “Most of the information leaked by the media are not credible; some of them even aim at hindering the course of investigations”, he said.       

The Achrafieh tight security measures were imposed around the crime scene in order to preserve all of the evidence and clues. A number of tents have even been erected at the scene to cover the remnants of the explosion in addition to a number of cars and possessions.        

Investigations into this crime revolve around the booby-trapped car, the type and source of explosives used and the content of surveillance cameras set up on buildings and companies surrounding the crime scene. They also focus on the period between the arrival of Maj. Gen. Wissam Hassan to Beirut airport to the moment he died on Friday afternoon. It is noteworthy that Hassan arrived with a false name and did not inform anyone that he was returning to Beirut. Investigations also revolve around the phone calls held and received by Hassan during this period of time. Detectives are trying to figure out if there was a reason behind his sudden return to Beirut.

For the full LBCI report, watch the video above.
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