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Leila Abdel Latif launches her predictions for Lebanon and the Arab World

Leila Abdel Latif launches her predictions for Lebanon and the Arab World Lebanon, news ,lbci ,أخبار predictions,launches,Latif,Abdel,Leila,
Leila Abdel Latif launches her predictions for Lebanon and the Arab World
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In her monthly TV appearance via LBCI’s “Tarikh Yachhad”, Layla Abdel Latif unveiled a series of new predictions on the local and regional levels.   


- Conference of dialogue on Syria to be held outside Damascus  
- Syrian army will continue military operations against militants 
- A prominent figure in the Syrian regime to be assassinated  
- There will be no foreign military intervention in Syria   
- Picture of Maher al-Assad at the core of media reports   
- Syrian Defense Minister "should take precautions"  - Power in Syria will be restored gradually   
- Syrian currency remains stable   - March will be the month of surprises in Syria  
- Assad will not resign like former Egyptian president Hosni Moubarak     
- Displaced Syrians will return from Turkey and Jordan   
- Syria’s border with Turkey and Jordan will be closed   
- Crisis of displaced Syrians will exacerbate due to the delay of assistance to the Lebanese state    - An incident similar to that of Talkalakh incident will take place on the Lebanese-Syrian border       
- Lebanese-Syrian border will not be closed      


- I advise MP Marwan Hamadeh to watch his health and movements; the person who tried to assassinate him will be exposed  
- The killer of late Rafic Hariri will be exposed and all the Lebanese will be relieved   
- STL will expose Arab and foreign names involved in the assassination of late Rafic Hariri     
- Another “Wikileaks” published and information regarding the Arab world will be leaked to the International Court    
- Wissam al-Hassan's assassinations will not be the last of its kind      
- Concern over some religious, military and political officials   
- May Chidiac is not in danger and I advise her to watch her health    
- Prime Minister Najib Mikati will remain in power until the upcoming elections   
- The killer of late Wissam al-Hassan will be exposed and his blood will not go in vain   
- Scandals, leaks and dangerous recordings in regards to the STL    
- Upcoming elections will take place according to the 1960s electoral law    
- Minister Ghazi Aridi will have a prominent political role and we will thank him   
- Minister Abu Faour’s success will be the talk of the town    
- The role of Sheikh Boutros Harb will remain steady in Batroun but he should watch his health   
- Mansour el-Bon suffers from health setback and receives unexpected guests   
- Farid Haykal el-Khazen goes back to playing prominent political role with the support of Bkerke   
- Minister Marwan Charbel will launch a reform workshop leading to better productivity and solutions for the issue of abductees in Aazaz    
- Minister Nicolas Nahhas keeps his position at the ministry and achieves political success in the next phase   
- Former PM Saad Hariri to garner popularity; will help the Lebanese solve issue of the Aazaz detainees    
- Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah will "bear the unbearable" and hold a semi-dialogue table at his house    
- Major General Ashraf Rifi will neither run for elections nor stay at the ISF’s General Directorate. The candidate for the next director general of the General Security will be a military personal with success in the north under his belt.     
- Minister Layla el-Solh Hamadeh will play a prominent role after elections    
- Minister Ali Hassan Khalil will be the leader of the reformist movement in his ministry and will follow up on the issue of counterfeit medications till the end. He will succeed in thwarting a new attempt to smuggle counterfeit drugs.    
- Minister Fayez Ghosn will face terrorism once again and will fully support the renewal of the LAF Commander’s mandate.     
- Najib Mikati will remain Prime Minister during and after the elections      
- Grief on the death of a bloc leader  
- Robberies of jewelry stores     
- Ranks and salaries scale will be ratified before parliamentary elections     
- Media focuses on Sleiman Franjieh and Samir Geagea and Christian reconciliations  
- Sleiman Franjieh from a leader in Ehden to a leader in the north, south, Kesrouan and Beirut    
- The Chamoun family appears once again, maybe after elections       
- An incident similar to the shoe thrown at President Bush will take place, this time with an Arab leader    
- LBCI will attract a renowned and loved female media figure       


Algeria will not fall in the trap of Arab revolutions; any change will take place only through ballot boxes


Weekly protests will not come to an end; the crisis will expand and lead to the closure of the Syrian-Jordanian border

- The life of the Iraqi president is in danger   
- The Iraqi government will face protests with the use of politics, not arms  
- The Saudi-Iranian consensus will prevent countries from meddling in Iraq’s internal affairs  
- An Iraqi dialogue conference will be held 
- A new Iraqi government will not be led by Maliki and stability will prevail in the country    


- Prominent figures will be killed in Egypt   
- Prisons will open their doors again      
- Egypt will witness new surprises never seen since the days of King Farouk    
- Al-Baradei and Amr Moussa must be careful    


- Further bloodshed in Libya    
- Many surprises and compromises to come    
- History repeats itself    


- Further foreign and Arab assistance    
- Military support in regards to extremism   
- Mohammad Salem Basindwa will play a prominent role on many levels, will support Yemen   


- Fear over the deterioration of the dollar      
- Gold prices will rise sharply
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