Oct 27 2021 - 04:08

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Kordahi’s words do not reflect government’s position-[REPORT]

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Lebanon News
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Wednesday that “a personal statement was previously issued by the current Minister of Information George Kordahi, prior to his appointment as minister, and was published on Tuesday,” pointing out that “his words do not reflect Lebanese government’s position expressed by its head on Tuesday, nor its ministerial statement that clings to brotherly ties with Arab countries.
The Ministry indicated that “although it continuously condemned terrorist attacks targeting kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it maintains the same position regarding defending the security and safety of Gulf countries.”
In this regard, the Embassy of Yemen in Beirut quoted that the Yemeni Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned with strong disapproval the statements issued by the Lebanese Information Minister.
The Ministry then stated that the statements form “a departure from the clear Lebanese position expressed by successive Lebanese governments through the condemnation of the Houthi coup on constitutional legitimacy and the support for all Arab League and relevant UN resolutions.”
The Ministry also called on “the Lebanese government to clarify its position regarding these statements that harm bilateral relations.”
However, Kordahi stressed that these are personal opinions as the government is not forced to accept them, adding that he adheres to the government’s policy since he is a minister in the government.
Furthermore, to all those calling for his resignation, Kordahi pointed out that “he is part of a cohesive cabinet and he cannot take such a decision alone.”
Later in the day, Kuwait summoned Lebanon's Chargé D' Affaires to protest the comments made by Kordahi regarding Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirate's role in the Yemen war, the Kuwaiti foreign ministry said.
In turn, Saudi foreign ministry summoned also Lebanon's ambassador and handed him a letter of protest regarding the comments.
The foreign ministry of Bahrain also summoned Lebanon’s ambassador to hand him a letter of protest in the same regard.
In comments to an online show before becoming information minister, Kordahi said Yemen's Houthis were defending themselves and called the war "futile".
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