Sakr, the mastermind of military operations in Syria vis-à-vis Turkey and Lebanon

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2012-11-30 | 13:11
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Sakr, the mastermind of military operations in Syria vis-à-vis Turkey and Lebanon
Sakr, the mastermind of military operations in Syria vis-à-vis Turkey and Lebanon

Al-Akhbar Daily published on Friday the second segment of the leaked voice recordings depicting MP Okab Sakr speaking to Syrian rebels, entitled “Hariri-Sakr caught red handed –Part 2”.

In the first segment, Sakr speaks with a Syrian rebel named “Abou Nehman” about providing weaponry to the Syrian rebels. The second segment reveals the part Sakr plays in directing rebel military operations inside Syria.

The source leaking the recordings will continue providing the newspaper with recordings and proofs of Sakr and Former PM Saad Hariri’s involvement in the Syrian conflict under the condition of: “the more you publish, the more you get.”

The source added that there is an operation room situated North of Lebanon. He describes it as being “active in the Syrian revolution” and said that it is directly connected with Turkey.

According to the source, Syrian officials who visit Lebanon are received in a villa in the Faqra region, where they receive financial allocations.

In the second part of the leaked recordings, Sakr discusses ammunition and kinds of weapons with an anonymous person who some voice experts said is former PM Saad Hariri, while others denied it.

In another recording, Sakr is said to be masterminding operations and discussions from an operation room in Turkey.

The content of the second leaked recording came as follows:

Anonymous (A): Hello
Okab Sakr (S): Hello
A: Yes Brother
S: Yes
A: What is his request? What does he need?
S: Machine guns, PKC bullets, RPG rockets, advanced weaponry for Aleppo, Reef Aleppo and Idlib region
A: Which region exactly?
S: Aleppo and Reef Aleppo, Aazaz and the surrounding regions. In Idlib there are regions that are surrounded, a group of areas that are being violently attacked at the moment. This order must be delivered as soon as possible.
A: Fine, what do they exactly mean by “advanced”?
S: I’m not sure, nothing in particular, but the delivery mainly should include anti-aircraft, anti-tank missiles and regular to medium range weapons.
A: Alright, alright

To hear the full recording, please follow this link

The third recording is a conversation between Abou Rashad, a Syrian rebel in charge of providing arms to the region of Hama and its Reef, Loay Mokad, official spokesman of the Supreme Council of the Free Syrian Army and MP Okab Sakr.

Abou Rashad: Salam Alaykum
Loay Mokdad: Hello! Hello my dear, Alaykum Salam
Abou Rashad: Sir Loay?
Loay: Yes, tell me how have you been?
Abou Rashad: Hope you’re doing well.
Loay: May God bless you! What’s new?
Abou Rashad: Where are you?
Loay: Yes brother, we are here in a room, me, Mr. Okab and the guys. We’re all here. How is the situation there?
Abou Rashad: Good! Okab is next to you? Because our situation is messed up. It’s very very urgent, more than you can imagine. Clashes are violent and the shelling has intensified.
Loay: Okay, okay. Everybody in the room can hear you, Mr. Okab can hear you as well
Okab Sakr: Your situation is even worse? Worse than the past few days?
Abou Rashad: Well the shelling has intensified, and the clashes… we urgently need help!
Sakr: Okay! Where are you exactly in Hama? Are you in Idlib? Where?
Abou Rashad: Hama and Idlib.
Sakr: What is it exactly you need? You mean that the quantities are not sufficient?
Abou Rashad: Yes, yes! Increase the quantities
Mokad talking to Okab in the room: What do you think? Shall we increase the quantities?
Sakr: No, no more increasing
Sakr talking to Abou Rashad: I received many reports from a number of men. They’re saying the same thing. That the situation in these two regions will deteriorate. I will now order the men to increase the quantities as much as possible because I know that your situation is weak.
Mokdad: We will immediately add you to the lists, the guys will immediately add you to the lists, don’t worry.

To hear the full recording, please follow this link

To read the first part involving Sakr's phone call with the Syrian militant, please click on this link 

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