Feb 28 2019 - 14:47

Pierre el-Daher, the man who defeated the Lebanese Forces

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Lebanon News

Pierre el-Daher won while Samir Geagea and the Lebanese Forces lost, after 12 years of trials in a case suit filed by the Lebanese Forces against Pierre El Daher over ownership of LBCI.


12 years of psychological wars, fabrications, falsification of facts and defamation, the truth finally comes out.


After defeating al-Waleed Bin Talal in five lawsuits before international judiciary, here comes the Lebanese judiciary doing justice to Pierre El Daher, even if overdue.


And here comes Judge Fatima Jouni highlighting with her decision a bright chapter in the history of Lebanese justice, when an individual defeated a political party from the ruling class.


A 112-page decision included all the evidence that proves Pierre el-Daher’s victory, leading to dropping all charges against El Daher for failure to establish any wrongdoing in the actions he was assigned to, therefore dropping all charges against the defendant companies.


In legal terms, the ruling dropped all void accusations and decided the following:


- Pierre el-Daher did not act in bad faith, since he did not take over a well-established TV and a library of movies, but instead he was the one to found the channel, a fact that was not denied by the claimant.


- Pierre El Daher was the one to obtain a license for LBCI, he also funded the company and owns most of its shares; however, Geagea and the claimant party did not contribute with any funds in this company.


- The decision also confirmed el-Daher’s efforts to build the TV channel, develop it and attract clients. He also guaranteed legitimate funding through bank loans.


- Samir Geagea was aware of the sale contract and contrary to him denying any knowledge of this contract, the decision clearly indicates that the sale contract did in fact happen with Geagea’ knowledge and approval.


A series of facts were presented in the ruling of Judge Jouni, and every detail holds a response to the series of deception mastered by the claimant over a period of 12 years.


In conclusion and by international and Lebanese verdicts, Pierre El Daher and LBCI have triumphed by judicial ruling.

Pierre el-Daher is the Chairman & CEO of the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International, LBCI, Lebanon's number one television channel. 

Pierre El Daher holds a Bachelor and Masters degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Southern California and resides in Lebanon with his wife Randa Saad el Daher and family.
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